Fallout 4: How to get past the Chained Doors Tricks Guide

 Fallout 4: How to get past the Chained Doors Tricks Guide

Fallout 4

Chained Doors in Fallout are easy to breach if you know how to do ti correctly. Being the Sole Survivor you must be pretty sure of the hacking techniques for terminals and super computers, but get stuck at a silly chained door? This guide will show you a simple trick which you might have missed in Fallout 4 to enter the House with Chain Door.

How to get past the Chained Doors

Bethesda has different ways to show how the game mechanics works in different situations. If you feel stuck then there will be a different approach for the solution as you can enter any house in the Wasteland. There are dozens of Houses which have chained doors so here is how you will get inside those Houses.

How to Get Pass the Chain Door

Chained Door near Old North Church

If you have come across a chained Door building near the Old North Church, you must have seen from the broken window that the Ceiling is open. The question is how to get inside, well the answer is obvious you need to climb up the opposite Church entrance then jump up and travel to the Building you want to get in and Boom you can now unchain the door and grab the loot.

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Get inside the Chained Door with Glitch

Now this is the funny part where you make good use of the Glitch. In order to get inside you just need to get behind the building them simply sit on the couch from outside, this will trigger the sit animation and you will be inside the Building. Enjoy and Loot the area.

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