Fallout 76 Mutations List

All mutations in Fallout 76, how to get them, keep them, and remove them

Screengrab via Bethesda

In Fallout 76, your character has a chance of receiving mutation if they become radiated. Many of these perks come with positive and negative effects. Some of these effects are worse than others, depending on how your building your character and what you want them to do. There are specific ways to receive mutations, how to keep them if you want to make use of their benefit, and how to get rid of them if you don’t want to deal with them on your character.

A great way to ensure your character does not receive any mutations is by wearing protective gear like hazmat suits or gas masks. You want to wear these to lower the chance of your character receiving radiated damage.

How to get Mutations in Fallout 76

Your character has a five percent chance per every five radiated health points to have a mutation sprout up. You can increase your chances of receiving a mutation by doing these things:

  • Consuming radioactive food and liquids
  • Standing close to scorched corpses
  • Standing next to radioactive waste, zones devastated by nukes, irradiated creatures, or anything else giving off radiation points

Mutations List

MutationsPositive EffectNegative Effect
Adrenal Reaction More Weapon damage and quick health regeneration at low health Max health points goes down by 50
Bird Bones Agility goes up by four and you gradually fall from heightsStrength goes down by four
Carnivore No disease from Meat and twice the bonus to your food when eating meat products. Cannot eat fruits, and vegetables.
ChameleonYou receive invisibility while unarmored and standing still
Eagle Eyes Your critical damage goes up by 25 percent and perception by fourStrength goes down by four
Egg Head Intelligence goes up by sixStrength and endurance go down by three
Electrically Charged You have a chance to shock melee attackers
Empath Damage taken by teammates goes down by 25 percent Your damage goes up by 33 percent
Grounded Energy resistance goes up by 100
Healing Factor Health regeneration goes up by 300 percentEffects by chems go down by 55 percent
Herbivore Eating vegetables provides twice the benefits with no chance of diseaseCannot eat meat
Herd Mentality All special stats go up by two while groupedAll special stats go down by two while playing solo
Marsupial Carry weight increases by 20 and you have a larger jump heightIntelligence goes down by four
Plague walker Poison aura scaling with your diseases Diseases
Scaly skin Damage and energy resistance goes up by 50Your AP goes down by 50
Speed DemonMovement speed goes up by 20 and you have a faster reloadIncreased drain on your hunger and thirst
TalonsPunching attackers does 25 percent more damage and causes bleedingAgility goes down by four
Twisted MusclesMelee damage goes up by 25 percent, and you have a better chance to cripple limbsYour gun accuracy goes down by 50 percent
Unstable Isotope You have a chance to irradiate melee attackers

How to keep and cure mutations

Each mutation comes with a positive and negative effect. However, if you find one you want to have on your character, you can receive the starched genes perk when you reach rank two. You cannot keep a mutation otherwise. The perk prevents you from losing the mutation when you use RadAway to remove the radiation from your character.

If you want to cure the mutation, you can use RadAway without the starched genes perk to eliminate one. However, you only have a chance of this happening. A definite method of removing one from your character is to visit the Whitesprin Bunker to use the contamination chamber.