How to find and locate Power Armor in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has finally arrived, so lets get you suited and booted to survive the wasteland by finding you a set of Power Armor.

In the single-player games, a wide range of Power Armor awaits you in different area. In an online game, however, the rules don’t always apply the same way.

First steps

First, your going to need to find yourself a Power Armor frame which is usually abandoned in random places around the world. You can often find them beside Armor Stations just waiting for a player in the server to claim them or at military installations. Heck, people have claimed to find them randomly by opening a door.

The person who finds the Armor frame first gets to claim it. So you might be forced to fight over one if you come across it. Once you enter the frame, however, it can’t be stolen and is yours to keep. Don’t worry if you exit it, it’ll still be yours and you can teleport it back into your inventory if needs be.

It is worth noting that some Power Armor pieces are level-locked, so if you are too low of a level, you won’t be able to get into it even if your the only one who finds it. Sometimes, however, only one piece of the Power Armor attached to the frame is the reason you can’t get into the suit, so just take it off leaving the frame and Power Core left to at least claim that.

Getting Armor for your frame

Now that the hard part is out the way, lets get you suited and booted.

Remember to always have a bunch of Fusion Cores on you when using your frame or full suit of Power Armor. Fusion Cores power the suit and without them, you won’t be able to move at all. You can craft Fusion Cores or even find them by scavenging.

Then you need to go about finding Power Armor in different spawnable areas of the map. Note: With Power Armor spawning in set places, other players will also likely dash to these areas to get them when they spawn, so if you go to an area and there isn’t anything there—move on, someone got there before you did.

Some of these areas include Morgantown Train Yard, located just East from Vault 76. Aaronholdt Homestead, which a bit North West of the Vault, and Morgantown Warehouse located in an abandoned building just south of the Trainyard’s location.

This article will be updated at a later date as we find out more information.

Image via Bethesda