Fallout 76 Rusted Key – Freddy Fear’s House Of Scares Key

 Fallout 76 Rusted Key – Freddy Fear’s House Of Scares Key

In Fallout 76, you’ll sometimes come across doors that cannot be unlocked without the correct key. For some reason these are unable to be picked open and instead, you’ll have to wait until you find the right key if it’s not in the immediate vicinity. Other times you’ll come across a random key with no idea what door to use it on. The Rusted Key is one of these keys, and it unlocks a door at Freddy Fear’s House Of Scares. Found the key but not the door or vice versa? Let us explain how to get the two together with this Fallout 76 Rusted Key guide.

Fallout 76 Rusted Key Location

If you’ve already found Freddy Fear’s House of Scares and you’re looking for the Rusted Key to open the Rusted Door, let us help. Head to the Toxic Valley region of the map, then look for Graninger Farm, north-west of Clarksburg Shooting Gallery. Walk east and look for a destroyed house with a sizeable toxic water pool. Jump in the water and find a broken safe in the middle. You’ll find the Rusted Key inside, along with the Alien Blaster – an incredibly rare and unique weapon.

Fallout 76 Rusted Key - Freddy Fear's House Of Scares Key
Fallout 76 – Freddy Fear’s House of Scares Stolen Terminal Passcode • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

Freddy Fear’s House of Scares Location

Have you skipped through the last part because you’ve already found the key when you got the Alien Blaster? If so, the key can be used on the Rusted Door on the roof of Freddy Fear’s House of Scares. Head to the very north-east corner of the map, in the Mire region. You’ll find Freddy Fear’s House of Scares north-east of Vault 94 and north-west of Abbie’s Bunker, just east of the Route 66 icon on the map. Kill the enemies outside – we’ve had Ghouls, Scorched and Super Mutants all inhabit the place – then go round the back and climb the stairs to the roof. Use the key on the red door then head inside.

There’s not much here which is somewhat disappointing. You can find some decent junk with rare components, but the only real thing of note is a holotape on the floor called “Stolen Terminal Passcode.” The only problem is that once you pick it up, it’s not visible in your list of holotapes and we have no idea where the holotape is used. After scouring the internet, it seems like nobody else does either. If we find out, we’ll be sure to make a new guide and update this one with the information.