Fallout 76 Season 9 Test Your Metal update – release date, events, and more

Put your metal to the test.

Image via Bethesda

With each new season of Fallout 76, Bethesda has released a new update alongside it adding a slew of new things to the game. While not all of these updates have been large, they have each added something unique to the game. The newest update is called Test Your Metal. Are you prepared to dive back into the wastelands of West Virginia? Here is everything you need to know about Fallout 76 season 9 and the Test Your Metal update.

Fallout 76 Season 9 Test Your Metal Season 9 release date

Image via Bethesda

A family of flying aces, the Famous Flying Franklin Family, has crash-landed on Dread Island. Rank up on the new scoreboard to help the family and their robot bodyguard get home safely. The new season begins on June 14 and ends in the fall just in time for The Pitt to make its return to the Fallout universe. The new season brings in a ton of new rewards like an Arm Wrestling Machine, Chuck Wagon Cooking Station, and new weapon and power armor skins.

New events in Fallout 76 Season 9

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Those of you who participate in the already long list of events that Fallout 76 has to offer can expect three new events to be added with the Test Your Metal update alongside season 9. The new events are Test Your Metal, Moonshine Jamboree, and Eviction Notice.

  • Test Your Metal A new faction of the Blood Eagles has formed, calling themselves the Rust Eagles. Head to the Metal Dome north of Fort Atlas and talk to Initiate Pappas to begin the event. This event will have you and three members of the Brotherhood of Steel square off against deadly combat bots in a gladiatorial arena. Survive three rounds to complete the event and earn a bunch of rewards. The more Brotherhood of Steel members who survive, the better your chances of getting rare rewards are.
  • Moonshine Jamboree – Head to the Sunday Brothers Cabin in The Mire and talk to Moonshiner Ned to kick off the Moonshine Jamboree. Moonshiner Ned is trying to cook up a batch of moonshine and needs the secret ingredient; Gulper Venom. Kick off the festivities to lure in the Gulpers and collect their venom. Deposit it in a nearby bathtub and defend the stills to keep the party going. If you manage to deposit 30 Gulper Venom in the time limit and keep the stills intact, you will be handsomely rewarded. This event will get your all-new items like Gulpershine, the Gulper Smacker melee weapon, and Raider faction reputation.
  • Eviction Notice – The Settlers of Foundation have found a way to scrub a nearby crater of radiation, allowing them to expand their territory. The only problem is a band of Super Mutants who won’t leave. Defend the construction site and eliminate the Super Mutants in this new high-level event. Keep the Rad Scrubber alive while destroying the Super Mutants and their Meat Bags. Drive the mutants out and you will be rewarded with Settler faction reputation, loot, and a chance at special three-star legendary items.

Fallout 1st Member improvements

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With the new update, Bethesda is also adding additional improvements for Fallout 1st Members. Fallout 1st is the subscription service that you can purchase alongside the game to gain additional benefits each month and access to private servers. Fallout 1st Members will get the following benefits during season 9.

  • S.C.O.R.E. Boosts – Fallout 1st Members will gain access to S.C.O.R.E. boost items that permanently increase the rate at which you level up on the Scoreboard during season 9. You can unlock these boosts at ranks 15, 50, and 75.
  • Bonus Challenges – If you subscribe to Fallout 1st, you will notice that you will have additional daily and weekly challenges to complete to help further your advancement along the Scoreboard.
  • Bonus Rewards – As with previous seasons, if you are a Fallout 1st Member, you will get additional rewards as you move your character across the Scoreboard.