Fallout 76 “account not authorized” error code explained

Error code 4 8 2000 locks players out of their accounts.

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Games bring people together and provide entertainment and distractions in difficult times. It’s frustrating when players are unable to play said games due to an error. Fallout 76’s “account not authorized” error (code 4 8 2000) is a recurring issue for many players. 

What causes the error?

As with most error codes, it’s hard to gauge what causes the exact issue. Error code 4 8 2000 is triggered when a player tries to access an unauthorized account. This can be because there was a bug or because, for one reason or another, the account lost its authorization. In 2019, this error code went around the ranks because accounts were detected exploiting bugs to duplicate rare items. Accounts with multiple rare items earned in the span of 30 days were flagged and temporarily banned. Accounts were returned with the items removed. 

It is not limited to players losing access to the game due to bugs or behavior. Bethesda’s support page states it also relates to the retail code. Players without retail codes connected to the game on their account will see this message and will need to redeem the code.

How to fix it the “account not authorized” error code

Fixing the error code depends on what the cause is, and finding the cause isn’t straightforward. If players have temporarily lost access to their accounts because of bug exploits, it may be restored after some brief time. It is best to check your email associated with your account to see if Bethesda said anything about it.

If players lost access and haven’t knowingly or unknowingly exploited any bugs, the support page has some advice. Checking with your retailer or repairing the files on your PC may help the issue to make sure the retail code works. If it doesn’t, players are encouraged to contact Bethesda’s customer support if the problem continues. 

Unfortunately with error codes like this, the answer is usually to reach out to the developers. It is a common one that can be from general bugs, player behavior, or an issue with the files after an update.