Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough | Antennas, Centers And Energy Core

In the previous part of Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars after fighting with the Queenie boss and rebooting the terminal you will see more markers on the map. This marker will lead you to new Antenna’s, Energy Cores and Mining centers. You will have to free all to complete this map.

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

All Antenna, Mining Center, Research Center And Energy Core Walkthrough

Below you can checkout guide on different antennas you will be spotting on the map in Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars.

Robot Repair Center (Antenna):

Start from the first on right, Robot Repair Center. Go the marker and interact with the terminal, the AI will deploy a repair bot, till the time it fixes things you have to protect the bot from alien attacks. Keep following the bot and as it starts fixing the power nodes protect it from attack. There will be three phase of this fight. After the bot fixes, everything reboots the terminal. There is an energy core that you will need, you have to kill the Queen of the Fallen Tower to collect the core. If you plan to pick the core first, then you will have to face flying aliens also. Collect the core and head to the second antenna.

Desert of Despair (Antenna):

Look on the map on the further right and head to the second antenna Desert of Despair. This place is filled with flying alien creatures, so go slowly and look up. Target the one with red wings and you will get one of his body part – right lower leg. Climb up on the antenna and avoid the electric coils. You will unlock Grape Popper.

Note: Before moving ahead craft Space Wings, it cost 500, this will add wings to Gravity belts that mean you can now glide after jumping from a height and cover more distance.

Pits of Peril (Antenna):

Look on the map and mark Pits of Peril Antenna, while gliding towards this you will also reach Queen Of The Deep Crater, there you will get the Energy Core. This antenna is placed at height with no platform to climb up from the ground. Look around and you will see circular floating platforms. Wait for the electric shock to disappear and then jump. Keep moving through the platform to reach on the top. In between, you will have to kill the flying bats. Once you are top activate it. The active antennas can be used for fast travel. Near to this antenna on the south side, you can find another Hurk’s body part a forearm. Just kept over a cabinet. There are no enemies in this place. There is another one towards the east side near the mountains, just look at the map and look at the edge of mountains, you will find two spots for a body part. The first one is surrounded by a lot of eggs, just shoot all of them and you will find a Left Foot on the top side of a mountain. For the second one, you will have to jump into a hole in the ground and kill down a huge Arachnids to avenge Hurk. You will get a Left-Hand Pinkie from here.

On the north-west side of this antenna, there is an energy core, you can spot that easily on the map. Kill the queen and take the energy core. This completes Queen of the Deep Crater. There is another on the south-east side, that will take you a dead queen.

Revenge Is At Hand

For this, you will have look on the south-east side of the Pits of Peril Antenna. You will wake up at John Seed’s ranch. Cross the fallen tower, and then there will be a siren. You will have to kill John’s version. This will be a tough mission, the weapon will keep on changing after getting some kills. So you have to adjust properly, keep moving around and always try to stand on higher grounds. In the end, you have to get to the hall and kill John using power gloves and take the Energy Core to exit.

Home Security

On the south-west side of the control center antenna there is another energy core, to get it you will have to jump into the geyser on the top of a mountain. You will wake up in place with floating mountains. Collect the space bandages, and you will see a lot of markers around that are teleporters you have to destroy. Collect the energy core to exit this place.

Robots Creation Center:

This facility is located on the east end of the Pits of Peril Antenna, the nearest fast travel point. Land to the place and just interact with the terminal. The way to enter is on the top there is a hole, go inside and use the console to deploy a repair bot. Once you do that you will have to take down malfunctioned robots who will attack you. Destroy them and then interact with the console to manually deploy repair bots. Follow the bot and protect it from the attack. There won’t be aliens, you have to shoot the malfunctioned robots.

Arachnid Research Center:

You will come across this while finding Hurk’s body part at Pits of Peril. There are lots of nest around here, you have to destroy all the eggs to pull out the queen. So use a good long range rifle. You will see the bar on the left side of the screen, keep shooting once it is filled up and the queen appears. You will also get an Electro Grenade here. This time there will be three queens, so find a safe spot first. And then target them one by one. Look out for cover, other queens can attack you from the backside. After killing them collect the energy cover and reboot the terminal.

Desolate Dunes (Antenna):

On your way to the fourth Antenna – Desolate Dunes Antenna, you will come across Queen of The Rocky Bridge. You can land there and collect the core. Once you reach the antenna you will see it is surrounded by a kind of debris infested with alien creatures. Go on the top and clear the area first, then activate the terminal. Once you are done with it, more Energy Core location will appear on the map.

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

Around the antenna there is an energy core at the edge of mountains, this place is nearby so you can collect it first. You will cross Desolate Dunes, and you will also come across Hurk’s body part. The location you are heading to is Desolate Dunes Mining Station. It is the charging station that has Robots in an idle state, you will have to shoot the lights to release them. Once done the robots will be released and they will help you in fighting the aliens. Destroy the Eggs and Nest around. This will pull out the queen. Shoot the lights and release the robots. Attack the queen and collect the core. Reboot the terminal in the end.

Look on the right bottom of this antenna and you will spot another body part this will covered in fog and will appear when you had cleared most of the right section of the map. Desolate Dunes is the nearest fast point that you can use to collect Hurk’s upper chest that is kept on a platform. There are no enemies around.

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

Around the antenna, you can find a various location to collect Hurk’s body part. Look at the left end, where you can collect Right Foot, on your right a bit ahead, you can play Queens of the Sand Dunes, where you will have to fight two queens and collect the energy core.

Robots Storage Facility:

This facility is located south-west side of Desolate Dunes Antenna. It is nearest antenna fast travel point, lock it on the map and travel towards the marker. Once again you will have to clear all the area and reboot the terminal. The AI will deploy a repair bot, protect it from attack till it fixes the terminal and then reboot it.

Hemoleum Research Center

Look towards the south-east side of Desolate Dunes (Antenna) for Hemoleum Research Center. As you approach near land on the ground and walk towards the left side of rocks, you will find an entrance with lasers. Jump over the laser from the right side and keep moving up. Follow the platforms with red lights, and keep moving up. You will reach a terminal, reboot it. That’s it this objective is over. Turn around and exit through the door, jump down and you will find a chamber filled with Hemoleum crates.

Geological Research Center

Look on the south-westside of map and at the corner, you will find a location Geological Research Center. Mark the location and travel towards it. This is more like a hilly area with a lot of blue sand around. The objective here is the same, once you are near you have to destroy all the alien crabs and then kill the queen to unlock the terminal. Reboot it and done. The terminal is below the ground, walk near the laser and look for a hole in the ground, jump in and interact with the terminal.

There are two energy cores around this area, look on the south-east side, the one on the end it will take you to Queen Of the Deep Trench. An area filled with blue sand, you will have to clear the alien crabs first and then locate the queen. Another core is on the right side not far from where your current location. There is a Martian Geyser, jump into the hole and you will wake up in a forest. This will trigger The Last Stand objective.

The Last Stand

You will hear a radio signal from Mary May, she will call you at Fall’s End. Walk towards the crashed car and then walk left. Follow the fire, and you will reach a closed gate, rotate the lever to open it. Pass below the gate and run towards the marker. This time you won’t have any weapon, so you have to run. You will reach a mine keep picking the bandages. Once you are on the other side you will see a town. You will have to use the traps to kill 6 Arachnids. You will have to arm traps and lure them towards it. Make sure you stay from the trap, the explosion can cause damage. Collect the energy core to finish this objective.

A Shocking Discovery (Energy Core)

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

There is another energy core towards the south-east side not far from the mining station. Follow the marker and you will reach a Martian Geyser, jump into the hole to start a new quest A Shocking Discovery. Once you are awake go to Larry’s house and secure it. You will have to take down twelve human enemies – the peggies. Don’t go near and shoot they will explode that will cause you damage. Go to the top of Antenna, secure it and then collect the energy core. You will earn 1000 Hemoleum and unlock Space Jets.

Queen Of The Desolate Dunes Border (Energy Core)

Use Desolate Dunes Antenna fast travel point and lock the Energy Core around it. On your way, you will come across another queen. Target the aliens and eggs around to pull out the queen. This will be a tougher one, you will need a long range weapon, and attack the queen from distance. Kill the queen and take the energy core.

Queen Of The Sand Dunes (Energy Core)

You can head to the core form Desolate Dunes antenna, this will also come in your path if you are heading to the right bottom to collect Hurk’s body part. You have to defeat the queen and collect Energy Core.

Bovine Research Center

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

Bovine Research Center is located near Desert of Despair Antenna, take the fast travel point and mark it on the map towards the west side. You will reach a research center who’s entrance is in between the mountains. The first terminal outside will take you inside, cross the animal samples and then use the second one. You will reach a simulation area that looks like Earth. Here you can use Cock Blocker that can make you immune to damage for a short while. You will have to kill all the infestation here and the Queen in the end. The drill is the same attack the creatures and eggs around to pull out the Queen. The best way to attack is stand on the top of the house roof. You can stay here and attack the creatures below. The queen will be hard to kill from the ground. Kill the queen and then reboot the terminal by entering from the right side of the house. Completing this task will unlock two things a weapon Morphinator and a grenade. Chickenade is the grenade that will spawn explosive chicken that will attract nearby Arachnids. It is best to distract the enemies around. Return to Hurk, as you follow the marker you will reach to the lab and there you will have to fight the Yeti. It is not a very tough enemy just carry a rifle and shoot it a few times, and try to dodge it attack.

Energy Core – Return to Desert of Despair Antenna through fast travel and look on the south side for the energy core. This is a rocky place with lot of eggs and aliens around.

Solar System Observatory

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

Look on the further south east side for this location, lock the target and follow the marker. None of your weapons will works once you are in. You will have to use a weapon that is provided inside. The way inside is below, just jump from the place where you killed a green Arachnids. You will have to slide below and jump over the lasers. Use the terminal to enter and then the first thing you have to do is pick up the weapon which is a Power glove. There are three type of attacks you can perform, first you can go for a Quick attack or charged attack, next you can go for a takedown, and finally the last using the Gravity belt you can release a stomp attack. Use the energy core to reboot the terminal, but before the AI will tell you to eliminate the Arachnids in the area. After killing them on power on the terminal to complete the objective. You will unlock a Swiss Army Knife.

Desert of Despair Mining Station

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Ending Walkthrough

Look on the further east side and you will see a mining station and a energy core side by side. Use any fast travel point and follow the marker towards the mining station first. Once you reach the location you will unlock Gren-Adios grenade. There will be a lot of aliens around, you have to clear the area first and then you will spot the queen. After killing the queen enter the terminal and reboot. This completes the objective and you will unlock Hellfire. Nearby this mining station you can find two brown icons which indicate Hurk’s body part. You can gather them side by side. One is Right Big Toe and for the second you will have to fight a queen. You will get a Left Leg.

Maze Runner

The place where you found the Left Leg, has a Energy Core. Jump into the Martian Geyser and you will wake up in a prison. A place similar to a John Seed’s bunker. Follow the marker and open the door. Don’t shoot or you will die. Turn around and take the first left, shoot the eggs to open path. Slide through the laser, and keep running ahead till you are out of the bunker. Follow the marker and keep shooting the eggs to open up the path ahead. Collect the energy core to complete the objective.


If you followed our gameplay then this will be the last Antenna on the map. It will take you to a facility in the mountains. This will be a little bit tough to reach as there will be lot of aliens below. Once you reach you have to find the terminal and reboot it. Go on top for the terminal. There is three nest around the Terraformer, shoot the nest around to activate it. Looking for glowing eggs. Till the time the terminal is in repair progression, you have to defend it by killing the creatures around. Turn on the Terraformer.

Save The World

Through the map use the Control Center fast travel point, after rebooting the Terraformer. Interact with the Rooftop terminal to initiate the launch sequence. Anne will turn rogue and now you will have to fight the robots. Shoot down all the robots, to survive the attack. Your next objective is to destroy all the launcher’s core. There will be three of them. Once done, return to the teleporter, and activate it. Kill the Hurk’s clones and in the end remove the energy core.

Clutch Nixon Objectives:

  • Patriot Missile – You can find this from the place where you wake up after completing Homeland Energy Core objective. From the place you wake up, you will see a white platform on the mountain that will trigger a mini-game Patriot Missile, which is nothing but flying through circles using space wings. The mission fails if you land on the ground.
  • Premium Rush – Go to Midnight Mountains Antenna, and on the north-west side. Interact with the platform with a face engraved on it on the mountain to begin this mission. Similar to the previous in this objective you will be flying through the circles.
  • Red Rocket – Look on the right side of Desert of Despair Antenna. You have to race through the circle without falling down to complete this objective.
  • Clutch Wept – Near Geological Research Center on the right end side you can find this Clutch Nixon objective. You can find the engraved platform on top of the mountain, exit the antenna and go up.
  • Spirits of Christmas – On the south-west of Arachnid Research Center you will locate this objective. Fly through the circles to complete this objective.
  • The Real Bing Bang – On the south side of Robot Creation Center, you will find another Clutch Nixon objective. Just follow the marker and play the same kind of race.

Once you pull out the energy core the game ends. You have to return to the teleporter and activate it to return home. Hurk remains the same as a machine, as his body is destroyed.

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