Far Cry 5 – What are Silver Bars and How to Get Them

Silver Bars are a collectable in Far Cry 5. They act as a premium currency, allowing you to buy various cosmetic items for your character. They can also be used to buy prestige weapons, vehicles and skins. You can use real money to buy Silver Bars, should you wish, but there are plenty hiding throughout the game world.

How To Get Silver Bars

Silver Bars are hidden in safes that can be found in various places throughout the game. To open the safe you will need to either pick the lock or use a timed explosive. Lock Picking is a Perk that you can earn as you play the game, while time explosives can always be built as long you have looted the relevant components. To build a time explosive just bring up the weapon wheel, select the explosive and then hold the right mouse button.

An Open Safe
An Open SafeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Every Outpost will have a safe, and others will be hidden at various locations in the game. Once you have liberated an Outpost be sure to check ever building well. The safes can be well hidden, and often times might be behind other objects. The ones outside of the Outposts seem to spawn randomly, so exploration will be rewarded. That is everything you need to know about Silver Bars! Good luck tracking them all down.

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