Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol Locations Guide | Where And How To Get The Ethanol


Far Cry New Dawn is the new chapter of the successful and popular Ubisoft videogame saga. In this latest chapter, there is a novelty: Ethanol used to enhance the skills of the character we are going to play. These improvements will allow you to create better weapons, improve vehicles, get more health and other impressive skills. By completing the Prosperity update, you will also get the trophy or the My Little Fortress.

There are three ways to recover Ethanol:

  • You get Ethanol by capturing Outposts.
  • You get Ethanol from Supply Drops.
  • You get Ethanol by delivering Tanker Trucks to Outposts.

How And Where To Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn?

Below we’ll go through each method in more depth.

Where To Find The Ethanol Method # 1: From Outposts

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol and methods to get it

  • Reward: 100-450 Ethanol

This is the fastest method to get precious Ethanol. In total there are ten outposts in the game. On the game map, you can see the black smoke coming from the outposts so you can easily spot them. If you acquire outposts in stealth mode, you will have Ethanol bonuses. After capturing an outpost, you can override it (reset it). Resetting it will give you some extra ethanol. In doing so, the higher level enemies will recover it, and it will become more difficult to recover the outpost, but you will have even more Ethanol if you succeed. Grade III is the maximum of an outpost and allows retrieving 300 of Ethanol plus 150 if done with stealth. You can continue to reset it as often as you want. At the beginning of the game, it can be a bit challenging. The best strategy is to capture each outpost once when they are in the first rank. This will give you more than enough Ethanol to upgrade Prosperity’s weapons workbench and then you can tackle outposts with higher difficulty.

Where To Find The Ethanol Method # 2: From Supply Drops

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol and methods to get it

  • Reward: 35-40 Ethanol

Supply Drops are randomly dropped from Airplanes. They have a red marker in the game world and yellow smoke coming from them. A small group of enemies guards the supply drops. They are random, but you can travel to an animal hunting spot and stand around for 1-2 minutes, and a Supply Drop will appear.

Where To Find The Ethanol Method # 3: Tanker Trucks

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol and methods to get it

  • Reward: 75 Ethanol

First, you’ll want to liberate an Outpost, then stand on a street near that Outpost until an Ethanol Tanker Truck drives by. Shoot the driver, steal the truck and push it to the Outpost. The spawns are random, but they should spawn within a few minutes. Keep in mind they are highly explosive so defeat any remaining enemies before you get in the truck.

That’s all the ways how to earn Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, enjoy!