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Xenoblade Chronicles 2- How To Farm Rare Cores

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 players can grind resources like Rare Cores. Below are a few ways to grind cores with minimal fuss.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, players will need to farm up plenty of different resources to work their way through the game. A few of these items are particularly difficult to get ahold of, but are incredibly important to upgrades. To help players out, we have found 2 easy methods to farm Rare and Common Core Crystals in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Thankfully, neither of these farming methods is based on time of day, meaning players can get started at any point, as long as they have 99 Cylinders on hand.

How To Farm Core Crystals (Rare & Common) Quickly

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Below, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 players will find a breakdown for both the Overkill Chain Attack and other by Driver’s Combo Attack methods of core grinding, which will let you farm Rare and Common Core Crystal efficiently.

Method 1: How To Farm Rare Core Using Overkill Chain Attack

  • Step 1 – First You will have to buy Common 99 Cylinders, the max number of cylinders that can be carried at one time.
  • Step 2 – Disengage the “Salvage Mastery” Field Skill from all your blades.
  • Step 3 – Travel to the Port of Anangham on the Lower Level of Anangham #2 Dock of Empire of Mor Adain.
  • Step 4 – Make your way to the Dock and go to the Salvage Point.
  • Step 5 -If you want the Salvage Points to be great, make to do the QTE perfectly. This will let you have a Treasure Chest as well. However, this step is needed to complete the grind.
  • Step 6 – When then Salvage starts, make sure you take down the Small Hermit Crabs as they drop Common Core Crystal.
  • Step 7 – To get Rare Core Crystals, Charge up your Chain attack gauge by hitting the other monsters like the Zamtrios or the Stingray.
  • Step 8 – Kill the Hermit Crab, making use of the Overkill power of 200%, or a Chain Attack, to guarantee Rare Core Crystals.

Method 2: How To Farm Rare Core Using break/topple/launch/smash Driver Combo

  • Step 1 – First, buy 99 Cylinders
  • Step 2 – Disengage the “Salvage Mastery ” Field Skill from all your blades.
  • Step 3 – Find a Combination that will give you a proper break > topple > launch > smash attack.
  • Note: Try to use blades that have “Treasure Sensor” Battle Skill. A Level 4 option has 90% chance of dropping a better bonus.
  • Step 4 – Get to the Salvage Point on the South by traveling from the Kedeigh gate in Mor Ardain.
  • Step 5 – Start the Salvage by making use of the Normal Cylinder and Fail in all the QTE prompts. As we mentioned earlier, this will lower your chance of having a Treasure Chest and increase the chance of having a More Monsters to kill.
  • Step 6 – Make use of the Driver Combo Attack on the Small Hermit Crab to earn x2 Common and x2 Rare Core Crystals.

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