Fastest QBs in Madden 23

Nothing but speed.

Image via EA

If you’ve played Madden on a regular or even a semi-regular basis online, one would find that there are quite a few players that enjoy using those speedy quarterbacks that can roll out of the pocket and get the job done by themselves. It’s a new year of Madden, as Madden 23 has been released worldwide. So, who are the fastest QBs in Madden NFL 23. Let’s look at the 10 fastest quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23.

What are the fastest QBs in Madden NFL 23?

Here are the top ten QB’s in Madden NFL 23, rated by highest Speed:

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  1. Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (96 Speed)
  2. Titans QB Malik Willis (92 Speed)
  3. Cardinals QB Kyler Murray (92 Speed)
  4. Bears QB Justin Fields (90 Speed)
  5. Rams QB Bryce Perkins (89 Speed)
  6. Giants QB Daniel Jones (89 Speed)
  7. Falcons QB Desmond Ridder (88 Speed)
  8. Falcons QB Marcus Mariota (88 Speed)
  9. Bills QB Josh Allen (88 Speed)
  10. 49ers QB Trey Lance (87 Speed)

Jalen Hurts and Tyler Hundley tied with Trey Lance, as both also have 87 Speed.

There are some familiar names at the top, especially in the top three. Madden 21 cover athlete and superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson is at the top, which is not surprising just by looking at his rushing stats. Cardinals franchise QB Kyler Murray is the third-fastest quarterback, sandwiching in Titans rookie Malik Willis.

This list is filled with plenty of youth, as all of the QBs on this list, sans Marcus Mariota, have been in the league for four or less seasons. Two are rookies (Willis and Ridder), while Fields and Lance look to make a big impact in their second season in the NFL.

Note: This list is as of August 16. It is subject to change, as EA Sports updates the online rosters regularly.