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5 Fastest Ways To Get Best Buddy Status In Pokemon Go

Get that Best Buddy status in Pokémon Go pronto! Find out how to strengthen your bond with your Buddy and boost Candy rewards with our quick guide.

When you have a buddy in Pokemon Go, it helps you grow that Pokemon faster. Your buddy can be anything you want it to be, whether it’s a Pokemon that you don’t have many Candies for or a Pokemon that you love the most.

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Best Buddy Status accelerates this process, resulting in more Candies for your buddy. There are many ways to play with your buddy to help encourage the relationship, moving it forward until it goes up in status. In this quick guide, we’ll detail how you can improve the Buddy relationship with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

5. Feed Your Buddy

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Feeding your Buddy is one of the most reliable ways to improve their happiness. Improving happiness is a direct line to improving the Buddy relationship between you and your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. You can improve your relationship efficiently by doing this every hour. It won’t have the same effect if you just continuously feed your Pokemon berries. However, having this done every hour can ensure that each interaction actually counts towards the relationship status.

4. Take Photos

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Another way you can improve your Buddy’s relationship in Pokemon GO is by taking photos with them in it. You can do this every hour, just the same as you do with feeding them berries. Completing these two items separately can help improve your relationship with your Buddy, but you can do both in the same session when you play with them. Doing this hourly has the same impact as feeding them hourly, ensuring that you get your boost for each passing hour.

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3. Play With Your Buddy

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Just like feeding and taking pictures, playing or petting your Buddy can help quickly improve your relationship with them in Pokemon GO. Doing it just once is enough, whether it be petting or playing. Just like with feeding or taking pictures of your buddy, playing with them also counts towards friendship. Do this every hour for maximum yield.

2. Spin PokeStops

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When you have your Buddy out, and about, one of the best ways to help promote their friendship to turn it into Best Buddy Status in Pokemon GO would be to spin PokeStops as often as you can. There are all kinds of reasons to spin a PokeStop besides just raising your friendship with your Buddy. When you spin, make sure you have ample space in your Bag for the items you’ll get; otherwise, you won’t be seeing all of the effects of your efforts.

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1. Battle Often

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Battling with your Buddy is a one-way ticket to earning Best Buddy status in Pokemon GO, provided that you win the fights that you pick. This applies to anything, from Team Rocket fights to Gym Battles to Raids. If the Pokemon participates and you win, the battle can help improve their Buddy Status with you.

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