5 Best Places To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Discover the best spots to level up in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Get your team battle-ready with ease at these top 5 training locations.

Leveling up Pokemon in the modern age of Pokemon games like Scarlet and Violet is way easier than it used to be. Gone are the days when you need to seek out specific Pokemon to boost a particular stat, carefully keeping your competitive mon from running into any un-prescribed-for battles without your knowledge. One wrong encounter used to mean scrapping your stats and starting all over until Gen 9 came around to clear all these inconveniences up. No, now that we have Mints and other such goodies for competitive preparation, all that’s left to do when it comes to training your Pokemon is the grind aspect. If you’re wondering how to get your Pokemon maximum leveled quickly, consider our brief guide on how (and where) to level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

5. Asado Desert

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While the music may not be the most thrilling (unless you either ride Miraidon or just really like country twangs in your ear), Asado Desert is actually a splendid place to train at any point in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you’re preparing for the Gym challenge in Cascarrafa, this desert is the prime place to get some levels on your team. If you have Water or Grass types, destroying the local Orthworm wildlife is a great option for clearing the level threshold required for either your Gym challenges or just getting up to speed on competitive play.

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4. West Province Area

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For Pokemon that are a little less ready for competitive play, consider the West Province Area near the Bug-type Gym. It’s a great starting point for many Trainers, having a flexible level range for Pokemon that you’ve only recently started training. If you have Pokemon over level 35, some different areas may be better for more robust training sessions. Type-wise, this area is perfect for Grass or Rock-type Pokemon, having plenty of Water types and Flying types wandering around that make for easy EXP.

3. Glaseado Mountian

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Glaseado Mountian is a great place to fight through if you have Fire type Pokemon raring to go. This place is full of Ice, Steel, and Ghost type Pokemon, meaning Pokemon with supereffective moves against those types will thrive. This area is more built for Pokemon over level 40, with wild Pokemon that have level ranges anywhere between 35 and 50.

2. Casseroya Lake

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Casseroya Lake, besides being a great place to add cute dragon type Pokemon to your team, is otherwise a great place to train while on the water. It’s simply teeming with Water types, strong ones too. Don’t try to train here if your party isn’t level 40 or higher, and else your Pokemon might have a tough time with the local residents. In addition to Water types, the like also has a few resident flying types like Staraptor and poison types like Toxicroak and Venomoth.

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1. Through Tera Raids

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Tera Raids are useful for catching a specific Pokemon with the Tera Type you want the most. However, a more practical application for Tera Raids is not to actually catch Pokemon but to train them on the fast track towards competitive play. Exp Candies are your one-way ticket towards getting any team ready for battle, so while you organically train one set, locking in on Tera Raids whenever possible, you can gather up Exp Candies in such bulk that another team can get ready for whatever comes your way.