Fatui Electro Cicin Mage boss location in Genshin Impact – how to get Mist Grass Pollen

Farming time.

Genshin Impact

Mist Grass Pollen is an important resource in Genshin Impact, and you will need it for character Ascension. To get it, you can fight the Fatui Electro Cicin Mage, and tracking her down is surprisingly easy to do.

You can find the Cincin Mage by opening your Journal using the options wheel, then selecting the bosses tab. Scroll down the options to the Cicin Mage and click on her. This will place a marker on your map, showing you exactly where to find her. You can then go to the marked point and fight her.

Depending on your level, the Cicin Mage can be a tough fight. She hits hard with Electro elemental attacks and can summon small familiars that will harass you as you try to fight her. Focus her out with Physical damage, landing quick combos then dashing to avoid any attacks she sends your way. Be alert for purple circles forming on the ground, as this is a hard-hitting area of effect attack that will do a lot of damage.

  • Mora
  • Mist Grass Pollen
  • Mist Grass (At Level 40+)
  • Mist Grass Wick (At Level 60+)
  • Recruits Insignia
  • Sergeant’s Insignia (At Level 40+)
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia (At Level 60+)
  • Blood Soaked (Artifact)
  • Instructor (Artifact)
  • Legacy (Artifact)
  • Curative (Artifact)

You can farm the Cicin Mage by repeatedly opening your journal and getting a new map marker, but her level will go up each time, so make sure you are powerful enough to take her out.