FFVII: Ever Crisis – Best Way To Spend Blue Crystals

Discover the best strategies for spending Blue Crystals wisely in FFVII: Ever Crisis. Learn where to invest them, focusing on weapon and materia upgrades, and maximize your character’s power.

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For veterans of gacha games, the currency is a lot like those precious gold pieces that the dragons from myth hoard. We all know that the developers will give away only so much free premium currency, so keeping a stash for the right banner is crucial. Luckily, the team at Square Enix has been very generous so far when it comes to giving away crystals, which are FFVII: Ever Crisis currency, particularly blue crystals. If you’re wondering exactly what to do with your crystals, look no further than this guide.

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Where to Spend Blue Crystals in FFVII: Ever Crisis?

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Blue Crystals in FFVII: Ever Crisis are used to purchase key things such as upgrade materials, stamina boosters, exploration levels, and weekly banners. As you progress through the game, you’ll come across each one of the shops holding a selection of purchasable items. It’s important to hold on to these crystals as you research exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to your character’s build. Character power is key in Ever Crisis, and you won’t be able to progress if you’re underleveled.

That said, you should focus on upgrading your weapons and materia. For example, the current banner focuses on Cloud and Barret, and the weapons in their banner are all five stars. To use this banner, you need either red crystals that are purchased with real money or blue crystals that are earnable in-game. We recommend that you use the blue crystals in this instance so that the red crystals, if you have any, can be used in exclusive banners.

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Everything else is rechargeable, so saving your blue crystals is recommended if you run out of them. FFVII: Ever Crisis is made to be played over a long period of time. There’s absolutely no rush to complete challenges, and the story mode doesn’t cost anything to do. You should hit the daily cap quickly if you do everything in one sitting.

How to Earn More Blue Crystals in FFVII: Ever Crisis

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Earning blue crystals in FFVII: Ever Crisis is just as easy as spending them. You can earn crystals by getting high ratings at the end of battles and by completing story missions. You can also get more by completing the side missions that pop up on the main screen and the options menu. When you first play through the game, you’ll get bonus crystals for completing challenges.

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As mentioned earlier, now’s a great time to start collecting crystals in FFVII: Ever Crisis. Square Enix is giving them away left and right, and players are getting some of the best weapons in the game so far relatively quickly. Each character has their own weapon type, but sub-weapons are usable by everyone.