Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Character Tier List

Who would have ever thought that a tier list would make its way into Final Fantasy VII? Am I right? Well, here it is!

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It’s that time of year again, and with the release of a new gacha-based title comes the opinions of many players on which characters are the best to level into the endgame. With Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the setup meta is still in flux as we rush into the harder content and special challenges. Many of the characters in the game should be familiar to players with at least some basic knowledge of the world and characters. Of course, we aren’t anywhere close to the full roster, so configurations will be ever-changing, just like this guide.

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How Do Each Character Rank?

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SAerith Gainsborough
Matt Winsord
Coud Strife
ATifa Lockhart
Zack Fair
Barret Wallace
BGlenn Lodbrok
Lucia Lin

S Tier

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When it comes to supporting characters, Aerith and Matt are the best in the game. They can really save your hide when it comes to some of the bigger attacks in the game. Cloud is, of course, well, Cloud. With his all-around great kit, he can pretty much do everything great. One of these three will be at all of your early parties, so prioritizing their growth is key.

A Tier

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Below them are Tifa, Zack, and Barret, which may not come as a surprise as these are usually the most well-known characters aside from the two above them. Each of them does respectable damage, and with the number of enemies in this game, that’s always a godsend. Barret is great for area of effect damage, Zack is great against bosses, and Tifa is a powerful debuff. Use this character knowledge appropriately when doing certain tasks.

B Tier

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At the B tier are Glenn and Lucia from First Soldier. Both of these characters are okay-ish but leave a lot to be desired. For example, Glenn could be considered a Barret imposter due to the similar abilities they carry into battle. The difference is that Glenn is overall weaker, as his abilities are single-target instead of multi-target, like Barrett’s abilities.

C Tier

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The final tier is not meant to be a slight towards Red XIII, but let’s be honest; he’s in need of a buff when comparing his abilities with the rest of the cast. Yes, he can heal, but not as well as Aerith. Yes, he can do good magic damage, but not as well as others. Yes, he can debuff, but he lags behind Barret, Tifa, and even Glenn in that department.

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Overall, every character in the game is not only playable but also useful in a team setup. The game isn’t terribly difficult at the moment, so if you’re just casually playing for the stories or outfits, you shouldn’t struggle too much as long as you’re upgrading your equipment. We’ll be sure to update the meta as more information comes out, so be sure to check back after each patch.