Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: How to Re-Roll Easy on iOS

Fans of Gacha-based titles are wondering how the re-rolls work in Ever Crisis. The method is quite simple for iOS users.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fans of Gacha-based titles are wondering how the re-rolls work in Ever Crisis. It’s almost to be expected, as many titles encourage this method to obtain some of the best rewards in the game or even a favorite character or item that fits your playstyle. Luckily, we found a method that is quite simple for iOS users, whether they are on an iPhone or iPad. It’s never a requirement to re-roll, so don’t feel pressured to do so if you already have what you want.

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How To Re-roll

Screenshot by Gamepur

The solution to this puzzle lies in the main menu in the upper-right corner of the screen. Just tap it once to open up the menu, then tap the Reset Game Data button in the upper middle. This will erase the data on your device and give you a chance to start all over again. It’s not permanent; you can link your data to your ID and bring back the previous save with all your previous pulls.

We would advise that you ignore the clear cache option if you plan to save a bit of money on your data plan, as it will completely remove all your downloaded game data. Ever Crisis is a big game that takes up a lot of memory on your device, so try to avoid making it download missing files as best you can. Also, hold off on redeeming any rewards until you’re satisfied with your pulls, as this can cause you to lose those rewards.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis has officially launched, and fans are coming in with lots of questions that’ll hopefully be answered. Who is the First Soldier? Is it Sephiroth and the newly introduced group of Glenn Lodbrok, Matt Winsword, and Lucia Lin? How far will the story take us in relation to the original 1997 release and not the newest remake trilogy that is now split into three separate titles? This and many more questions will hopefully be answered in this compilation.