FIFA 20 Career Mode Guide: Everything We Know

With the new season on the horizon, thoughts of football fans worldwide turn to the long haul ahead. What’s going to happen? Where will your club end up? How long before Newcastle are relegated? You know, that sort of thing. And as always, with a brand new season comes the brand new iteration of FIFA. It will undoubtedly shift millions of copies and score EA even more cash through Ultimate Team but what does it have on offer for those players who don’t want to end up getting embarrassed online by some 12-year-old kid in China?

Career mode is the place that those who don’t want to play with others go to get their footballing fix. It allows you to take your favorite team or Wigan, and see if you can do better than whoever is at the head of our club currently. The only problem with it is that it does get quite repetitive after a while. It’s been pretty damn repetitive for a long time now as EA has made sure that they throw all their weight behind Ultimate Team and have, at best, just given career mode a new lick of paint. According to the company themselves, this is all about to change. So, what can you expect from the new FIFA 20?.

FIFA 20 Manager

A More Involved Manager System

This is the biggest news on FIFA 20 that is available to date. For a while now people have complained that the whole manager experience has been pretty stale. It’s nothing more than a cut and paste job each year that gets real boring, real quick. That is, until now. It seems that EA has heard all the complaints leveled at the game and decided to give the manager mode a complete overhaul, starting at the base level. There’s going to be more manager customization options, meaning for the first time you’ll be able to create female avatars to play through the game with because it turns out that woman actually like football as well, who’d a thunk it. You’ll also have to deal with players on a one to one basis through a messaging app-like interface where you’ll have to make sure you take care of your player’s requests as well as with those in your squad who are trying to get their point of view across to you. You can do this by either direct action or by trying to be diplomatic about it. And finally, you will have more dynamic meetings with the press, and based on the outcome of games, there are scenarios in place to help tell a story. Yeah, as I said, this is going to be quite big.

Player Morale

An Improved Player Morale System

The player messaging app also plays a part in your player’s morale, and it seems that it’s not the only thing that has been added or tweaked to make it better this year. It’s not just how you react to the press or to the person involved that will affect their overall happiness but also how much time they get on the pitch, how they’re performing and how the team’s doing, and how much cashola they’re pocketing each week. Wait, footballers care about how much money they make for kicking a ball around a park 90 mins each Saturday? Well, I’ll be jiggered.

Player Negotitaions

New Locations For Negotiations To Take Place

The above picture should be more than familiar to anyone who’s played through FIFA career mode. There you are, sitting in your office, and in walks the top striker you want and his agent to sit down to start negotiations. It’s a scene that’s been played out a thousand times, and it’s one that after the novelty wears off, is as boring as hell. So you’ll be glad to know that EA has added two new locations for you to try to land that big contract, the restaurant, and the rooftop lounge. Which is great, cause as soon as you manage to offend whoever it is you’re attempting to sign, then you’ll be able to grab your avatar a stiff drink.

Fixture Congestion

Fixed Fixture Congestion

There’s nothing worse than having to play two games back to back on FIFA. It’s a major pain in the ass and ends up meaning that you have to balance which teams you’re going to send into battle. Will you run the risk of playing all your kids in an important game or just run your first-team regulars into the ground? Thankfully, that’s a question you shouldn’t have to answer ever again as EA claim that it’s all been fixed and fixture congestion shall now become a thing of the past.

Player Potential

Dynamic Player Potential

The new Dynamic Player Potential is the one that interests me most if I’m to be honest as it has the potential to be a huge game-changer if it works the way it should. Unless you’re playing on one of the easier levels, then there isn’t that much chance for you to give a lot of your youth players time. Meaning you have to pick and choose when to play them. That hasn’t changed at all but what has is that it’s not just game time that affects their potential now but just how well they’re doing when they get their chances. So you may have a youngest on your books which can be the new Messi, but if they put in a load of terrible performances, they’ll end up the new Freddy Adu. It also affects old members of your squad as well; if they’re still putting in the performances that you’ve expected of them over the years, then their stats will take longer to drop. So, that’s James Milner patrolling my Liverpool mid-field for the next 20 seasons then.

Liverpool FC

And That’s It, For Now

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print as they say. These are the major changes that EA has announced, so far, with the other ones just being minor tweaks such as improved algorithms, adjustments to certain competitions like the Spanish Supercup, and so on. There’s still time to go before EA unleashes FIFA 20 on the world so there’s no doubt that more and more details about career mode will see the light of day before that happens and when that happens, you can guarantee that we at Gamepur will have you covered with this guide. Keep an eye on this one folk; it’s going to be good.