FIFA 21: How to complete the Pierre Kunde Malong Squad Building Challenge

Need a new midfielder?

A new Squad Building Challenge for FIFA 21 went live on October 24, as part of the new RuleBreakers promo. This challenge revolves around FSV Mainz 05 midfielder Pierre Kunde Malong, and players who complete the two Squad Building objectives will receive Malong’s 83 OVR RuleBreakers card. But what are these two objectives, and what are the requirements to complete each one? Let’s go over what you do have to.

First off, head on over to the Squad Building screen, which can be accessed through the FUT Hub. In order to complete the first objective, you need to build a starting team of 11 with the following requirements:

  • Team Overall – Min. 83 OVR
  • Team Chemistry – Min. 80 Chemistry
  • Min. 1 Bundesliga Player

Complete this first objective, and you will receive a Mixed Players Pack.

To complete the second objective, you will need a starting lineup of 11 that fulfills these requirements:

  • Team Overall – Min. 85 OVR
  • Team Chemistry – Min. 75 Chemistry

Finish the second objective, and you will receive a Gold Players Pack and an untradeable 83 OVR Pierre Kunde Malong.

This Squad Building Challenge will be rather difficult to accomplish, so if you’re up for it, and you have the Coins to complete the two tasks, make sure you use as many Bundesliga players you can to complete the challenge. Also, stack the lineup with as many high overall players as you can.

This challenge will be open until October 31, 2020.