FIFA 22 FUT Season 2 Level 15 and 30 Storyline Player Rewards – Which cards should you choose?

Here we go again.

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It’s the start of a brand new season in FIFA 22, as Season 2 officially kicked off on November 11. The season includes a bounty of new items and packs, highlighted by choice items at Levels 15 and 30. FIFA users can choose from one of three Storyline players at Level 15, and again at Level 30. Which ones should you choose? Let’s take a look at the options.

FIFA 22 FUT Season 2 Level 15 and 30 Storyline Player Rewards

Unlike in Season 1, FIFA 22 players can choose from one of three players at Level 15. The players are:

Level 15

Ogechika Heil

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Josh Pask

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pedro Teixeira

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And as for the Level 30 rewards:

Level 30

Karlan Grant

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Marco van Ginkel

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26,600 XP is required for Level 15, and 100,000 XP is needed to hit Level 30. XP can be obtained by playing games, and in turn, completing objectives.


As far as Level 15 rewards go, it’s safe to say that it would be wise to skip the keeper. There are a number of other Portuguese keepers out in FIFA 22 (Rui Patricio, Lopes) that are comparable to Pedro Teixeira. That leaves this decision down to Pask and Heil.

Heil links well with German and Eredivisie players, and the winger’s pace and dribbling attributes are strong. Pask, on the other hand, can work really well with PL defenders like Stones, Maguire, Wan-Bissaka. and Alexander-Arnold, and has solid pace and defensive attributes. Our preference is to go with Josh Pask, but Heil is certainly not a bad pick, especially if you want to run an Eredivisie-themed squad.

The Level 30 rewards decision is much tougher. Karlan Grant doesn’t have the best passing stats, nor the great Skill Moves and Weak Foot ratings (both 3*), but the pace, shooting, and dribbling attributes are all excellent. As for Lincoln, the Brazilian midfielder has great all-around attributes, outside of the defense stats. PSV midfielder Marco van Ginkel is the last Level 30 reward, and the Dutch midfielder has nice all-around stats. And if you are looking to build an Eredivisie-themed team, van Ginkel has the highest rating among midfielders from that league.

van Ginkel would be the more versatile of the three thanks to his overall attributes. This is especially true when considering that the Eredivisie will most likely get more higher-rated cards to link with this item. However, don’t sleep on Lincoln, especially with those solid stats and Brazil chemistry links.