FIFA 22: How to get Loyalty in FUT

Do you have “Loyal” players?

Image via EA Sports

If you’re new to Football Ultimate Team (FUT), you should learn about Loyalty. Loyalty is a feature in FUT that, when active on a card, the player item will receive a Chemistry boost. This boost can come in pretty handy for those who want a subtle attribute boost, plus for those who might want to jack up the Chemistry of a card, in order to use as part of a Squad Building Challenge. So, how does Loyalty work in FIFA 22? Let’s go over the concept.

Loyalty in FIFA 22 works the same way that it did in FIFA 21. Loyalty, when activated for a FUT card, will boost a player item’s Chemistry by 1. If you can add Loyalty to a card, it can be a great way to get that Chemistry up and boost the attributes of said player.

We should note that Loyalty works differently for cards that have been obtained on the Transfer Market, as opposed to pulled items. Cards pulled directly from packs automatically have Loyalty. Those cards not pulled, and rather obtained on the market, will need to have Loyalty added on.

In order to add Loyalty to a player card, you will need to play 10 games with that particular item. This games played requirement includes starts and substitutions.

A quick tip for those who want to boost Loyalty quickly: play a couple of offline games against the CPU, and quit out after a minute or two. This will count as a game played in the system, and easily allow you to meet the requirement.