FIFA 22: How to complete Headliners Denis Zakaria Objectives challenge

Week 2 of the Headliners is here.

Image via EA Sports

Friday in FIFA 22 typically means a fresh Objectives challenge, and that’s what we have yet again. For this week, FIFA and FUT players can now attempt to acquire a special 86 OVR Headliners player item, featuring M’gladbach CDM Denis Zakaria. So, what do you need to do in order to add Zakaria to your collection? Let’s take a look.

How to complete Headliners Zakaria Objectives challenge

Screenshot by Gamepur

In order to complete this challenge, you must complete four separate objectives. All of these objectives must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge. Friendlies are online exhibition matches that have no bearing on your overall record, but you will need to win some games in order to complete this challenge.

To find the friendlies in FIFA 22, scroll over to the Play tab at the FUT hub using RB/R1, and then select Friendlies. From there, select ‘Play Online’ to locate the Headliners Challenge friendly.

The four objectives are as follows:

  • Central Scorer – Score using a CDM in a Win in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge (rewards are 75+ Rated Rare Player (Untradeable) and 300 XP)
  • Classy Crossing – Assist five goals with crosses in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge (rewards are Two Players Pack (Untradeable) and 300 XP)
  • Winning Streak – Win four matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge (rewards are Gold Pack (Untradeable) and 300 XP)
  • Consistent Class – Score in 10 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge (rewards are Small Electrum Players Pack (Untradeable) and 300 XP)

Complete all four, and you will receive an 86 OVR Zakaria and 300 XP.

The requirements for the Headliners Challenge friendly are as follows:

  • Leagues – Min. 7
  • Loan players – Max. 1

This is a Max Chemistry friendly, so that part of lineup construction shouldn’t be a problem. However, you will need to mix and match by adding players from different leagues. Chemistry won’t be an issue thanks to the rule, so bring your best players if possible.

This challenge is slated to expire on January 14.