FIFA 22: How to complete TOTS Lautaro Martinez Objectives challenge

This is a big one.

Image via EA Sports

The FIFA 22 Serie A Team of the Season (TOTS) promo is here and with it comes new Objectives challenges. Two TOTS Objectives challenges arrived in FUT on June 3, one for Maxime Lopez, and the other that features a 92 OVR player item of Inter striker Lautaro Martinez as the premier prize. This card has strong Pace and Shooting attributes, as well as 4* Skill Moves and 4* Weak Foot. So, what needs to be done in order to get this card? Let’s take a look.

How to complete TOTS Martinez challenge

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In order to complete this challenge, you must complete four separate objectives. All of these objectives must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select. Friendlies are online exhibition matches that have no bearing on your overall record, but you will need to win some games in order to complete this challenge.

To find the friendlies in FIFA 22, scroll over to the Play tab at the FUT hub using RB/R1 and select Friendlies. From there, select Play Online to locate the friendly called Serie A Select.

The four objectives are as follows:

  • Assist 12 – Assist 12 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select (rewards are Gold Pack and 300 XP)
  • Midfield Menace – Score five goals using Midfielders in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select (rewards are 75+ OVR Rated Rare Player and 300 XP)
  • Winning Formula – Win four matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select (rewards are 60 OVR TOTS Swap Token, Premium Gold Pack, and 300 XP)
  • El Toro – Score in 10 separate matches in Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select (rewards are Electrum Players Pack and 300 XP)

Complete all four, and you will receive the 92 OVR Martinez and 300 XP.

The team requirements for the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select are as follows:

  • Serie A players: Exactly 18
  • Clubs: Min. 11
  • Countries/Regions: Min. 3

There’s no overall limit for this Friendly, so be prepared to see some high-rated teams.

There are no Skill Moves, Weak Foot, or Nation requirements for this challenge. However, users will need to construct a diverse team that includes players from three different countries, and 11 different clubs. Obviously, make sure to add players from the league’s top teams, including AC Milan, Inter, Latium (Lazio), Piemonte Calcio (Juventus), and Roma. Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo), Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli), and Lucas Torreira (Fiorentina) are among other options that you can use to help fill out that roster.

This challenge is slated to expire on June 10.