FIFA 22: How to earn XP and level up in Pro Clubs

Grind, grind, grind.

Image via EA Sports

Pro Clubs are returning to FIFA in 2021, as football fans can pair up with friends, create their own team, and try to take down competing teams in online play. FIFA 22 Pro Clubs will have some new additions this year, including added customization, a streamlined Drop-In experience, and the addition of perks. But if you want to improve your virtual character in FIFA 22, you’re going to need to earn some XP.

Simply put, XP allows users to level up their characters in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs. We’ll get to why this is important in a second, but before we do, let’s go over the basics of earning XP.

How to earn XP

To earn XP, you’ll just need to get in some game time in Pro Clubs. FIFA 22 players can play Drop-In, Friendly, League, and Cup games with friends and/or teammates, and each person will get some XP.

The amount of XP you will receive after each game will depend on several factors, including the Match Rating that you finish the game with, plus how well you played. Saves, tackles, passes, and other quantifiable stats will affect how much XP you earn after each match.

Screenshot from EA Sports

After receiving enough XP, you will be able to begin unlocking new levels for your virtual character in Pro Clubs. Upon unlocking new levels, you will then be able to acquire new perks.

Each player has a max level of 25, per EA.