FIFA 22: The 5 FUT tips you should know to make Coins fast

Need Coins? We think we can help.

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So, you need some FUT Coins in FIFA 22? Coins can be a tough commodity to come by, especially since there is no (legal) method to purchase FUT currency straight away. So, you could either open packs until you get the big pull, but good luck trying to do that. Rather than just buying packs, you should try to grind and do a number of things in order to make Coins quickly. How can you do just that? Let’s give you five tips on how to make Coins in FIFA 22.

Grind in Squad Battles

Squad Battles is a great way to make easy Coins. In Squad Battles, all you are doing is playing against CPU teams. These teams range from special squads built by football players and celebrities, to teams that have been created by the community. FIFA players can choose the difficulty of play, plus play as many as 40 games and attempt to rise up the Squad Battles leaderboards.

If you play Squad Battles regularly, you should be able to make at least the Gold Tier. Gold Tiers typically pay between 5,000-8,000 Coins a week, depending on whether you finish in 1, 2, or 3. It might not seem like a lot, but you should make at least 20,000 Coins a month, plus packs along the way. Those Coins and items will add up over time.

Keep an eye on the Objectives

FIFA players can make money off of completing Objectives, as well. The vast majority of FIFA 22 Objectives yield XP, which does matter for obtaining Coins. We’ll get to why in a second.

However, some Objectives, such as Online Foundations ones, will yield Coins. Additionally, Objectives may also hand out Coin Boosts. Coin Boosts do exactly what you would expect: the boosts allow you to obtain higher-than-normal Coin rewards after playing a game, over a certain period of time. These boosts can also be obtained through acquiring XP and completing Season rewards. So, if you need Coins, don’t neglect grinding for XP. It can come in handy.

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Try to flip

A tried and true method to making Coins is to flip cards off the Transfer market. For those who might be new to FUT, flipping cards is essentially the process of buying cards off the market and then selling those items at a higher price to make a profit.

This can be frustrating to do, especially since so many cards populate the market and the prices might not match up with what you want. For example, you could try to buy a couple of Alex Sandro cards at 1,000 Coins a pop and try to sell each at 1,500 Coins, but that might not work. If other users decide to sell the same Sandro item for 1,400 Coins, the cheaper card will most likely be bought.

A good way to work the market is by following these steps:

  1. Take a look at cards that are undervalued. What we mean by that is this: look for cards that are selling on the market, and are either going below, or right at the Quick Sell value. You can check the Quick Sell value at using online calculators, such as FIFPLAYs’ Online Quick Sell one.
  2. Buy cards that meet the criteria in Step 1.
  3. Sell the cards at a higher price. Make sure to set the Buy Now price to one that is above the Quick Sell value, above the price you paid for the card, and either at or slightly below the normal price. Make sure to check the lowest prices for an item on the Transfer market before selling a card.

Also, make sure to take the FIFA Market tax into account. EA will take 5% of Coins acquired in a sale of a card.

Try an SBC, but use your untradeable cards

Squad Building Challenges (SBC) can help you make some Coins. Yes, you can lose Coins by doing SBCs, but we do recommend doing certain challenges. Realistically, you should only try to do the ones that will yield cards that you will use on your FUT squad. And, make sure to use your untradeable cards first while doing SBCs.

However, some SBCs do reward players with tradeable packs. These should be your priority, since those shouldn’t be hard to do, and can ultimately yield tradeable items and Coins in the end. This is a great way to turn untradeable player items into FUT cash.

Sell some excess items

Lastly, make sure to try to sell all those excess player items that you have in your club collection. Throughout the year, you will most likely accumulate a lot of FUT packs. As long as those packs include tradeable items, sell the ones you don’t need and hold the valuable cards. Or, at least until you are ready to sell those cards, too.