FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Season (TOTS) Event Guide

Add some of the best players of the year into your club.

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FIFA Mobile 22 has entered the Team of the Season promo with a bang. As with most events in the mobile title, there is a ton to do, and even more to spend your money on if you choose to do so. That said, you can still get some top-tier players from each of the major leagues without spending a dime as long as you know what to do. Let’s take a look at all of the ways to earn new players and keep yourself from breaking the bank.

Do your dailies

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This is without a doubt the most important thing you can do each day. Not only will you get a daily gift each day, but you’ll also have several skill challenges and VS Attack matches to complete. All of these earn you currency which can be used to purchase rewards from whichever league currently has the spotlight. As long as you complete all of these each day, you’ll get around 800 currency points for that league.

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You can earn even more currency while doing these challenges by paying attention to the different quests you have available. These are relatively simple goals like “Score 500 goals” that will unlock over time. That said, it’s worth giving them a look before hopping in each day to make sure you’re working toward the reward you want.

Be smart with your spending

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This is where we have to get honest with you. You probably won’t earn enough currency to get the top-end players from each league just by playing the game. Someone like Kylian Mbappe is realistically only available to players who spend real-world money on the game or can afford him on the open market.

Instead, you need to look at your team and target players who can help you and are affordable. For example, if you need a center mid, TOTS Tchouameni is a solid option that’s available at the lower end of the Ligue 1 Reward track. You’ll also get some Ultimate Exchange Tokens that you’ll be able to use later on when you pick up someone like him.

Stack as many Ultimate Exchange Tokens as you can

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Speaking of Ultimate Exchange Tokens, that portion of the event opens on June 17. That gives you room to get as many of those possible whether it’s through buying players on a league reward pass or completing different exchange events. Either way, you’ll want as many of these as possible when the Ultimate Team opens up.

This is because you can spend 350 Tokens to get yourself a player rated 99 OVR or higher. Obviously, you can’t pick the exact player you want, but it gives you some real star power that should boost most teams. You can also spend 225 Tokens to get a 98 OVR Reserves player, which is a great option if you’re not planning to play a ton during the event.

Don’t neglect the Reserves

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Just for logging in each day, you’ll get a few Reserves Tokens. While Reserve TOTS players aren’t going to make as big of an impact as the starters unless you’re just starting out, you can use them in various exchanges to earn either players or Ultimate Exchange Tokens.

There are several other ways to earn Reserve Tokens (most notably different daily quests), so we highly recommend keeping an eye on ways to accumulate more. If nothing else, they let you more easily earn the rewards you want, which is always a good thing in a game so highly-geared toward making you spend money.

Team of the Season continues in FIFA Mobile 22 until July 1.