Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete The Blacksmith’s Blues Side Quest

The Blacksmith’s Blues side quest in Final Fantasy 16 starts out easy, but quickly evovles into a tough fight everyone needs help with.

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Final Fantasy 16 introduces a fair share of likable characters. While some stick around for longer than others, it’s hard not to care for the people the game entrusts into your care. Through many side quests, players get a chance to better understand the world of Vallisthea and its characters. The Blacksmith’s Blues side quest forces you to look at the man behind the anvil as something more than just a service provider. Still, making you go through the trouble of finding a B-rank Notorious Mark may have been a bit too much.

The Blacksmith’s Blues Guide – Final Fantasy 16

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  • Unlocks During: Here Be Monsters Main Quest
  • Location: The Hideaway
  • Questgiver: August
  • Description: August believes Blackthorne has been feeling down lately. He thinks Clive could help cheer him up. 

Speak to Blackthorne to learn that he feels intimidated by a fellow crafter’s work. Though he’d like to inspect the man’s perfectly-crafted leatherwork, his pride won’t let him. It’s up to Clive to find the leatherworker and bring the leather piece back to Blackthorne for inspection. Now, speak to Charon to find out where the leatherworker might be. She’ll reveal he is after a Griffin to make a pair of griffinhide greaves. 

How to Find the Griffin in The Blacksmith’s Blues

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The Hunt Board seems like an excellent place to start if you want to track that Griffin down. Head up the stairs and speak with Nektar, the Moogle, to inspect the Hunt Board. After accepting the Blacksmith’s Blues, a new B hunt for a Griffin named Dozmare will become available.

Dozmare Griffin Notorious Mark Location in Final Fantasy 16

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To learn where Dozmare is located, players need to read the description below the sign in the Hunt Board. A man from Clive’s order came across the Griffin while he traveled from Lostwing to Caer Novent. By following his trail, players can run into Dozmare as well.

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Dozmare is located west of Caer Novent. Though there’s an Obelisk right next to it, the only way to reach this area is by teleporting to Lostwing’s Obelisk and traveling to the map’s southwest region. Here, a Griffin perched atop some castle walls can be spotted. Still, you’ll have to slay this beast for the leatherworker to come out of his hiding place.

How to Defeat Hunt Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16

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Dozmare will likely be players’ first B-tier hunt, so they’re in for a challenge. Make sure to learn Dozmare’s moveset to counter them and emerge triumphant in this confrontation effectively.

TornadoDozmare casts a tornado where Clive is located.Dodge away from the tornado’s reach.
ChargeDozmare flies up and charges at Clive.Dodge to the side to prevent damage.
Noble DiveDozmare uses Charge, but upon landing, spawns a wide, green circle that inflicts damage.Run backward to stay out of the circle’s reach.
Whirlwind chargeDozmare spins in Clive’s direction.Dodge to the side.

Once Dozmare is defeated, the injured leatherworker will agree to chat with you. He will be flattered that Blackthorne liked his work and offered a piece of treated leather as a gift. Take this leather back to Blackthorne to unlock the recipe feature.