Final Fantasy 16: Ability Mastery & Builds Explained

Final Fantasy 16 allows players to create unique builds using abilities from various Eikons, but it doesn’t explain how that works.


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In Final Fantasy 16, players can create builds for characters based on their abilities. With each Eikon tamed Clive gains access to new abilities and powers, all of which can be unlocked with Ability Points. However, there’s an option to Lean and Master every one, and the game doesn’t explain why. This guide outlines why players might want to Master an Ability and what benefits learning them early can bring.

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Final Fantasy 16 Abilities Explained

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Abilities are additional powers or moves that characters can access or use after the opening title sequence in Final Fantasy 16. Clive is the first character players can spend Ability Points on, unlocking new Abilities from the Phoenix Eikon. The abilities appear in a circle and have an associated cost that must be paid in Ability Points.

The initial cost for an Ability allows a character to learn it. However, players will quickly notice an option to Master an ability. This costs even more Ability Points but seems to serve no purpose at first. Once players unlock a second Eikon, they’ll understand the benefits of Ability Mastery.

Why Should a Character Master an Ability in Final Fantasy 16?

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When a character has Mastered an Ability, it can be used in a build with a different Eikon. This means that Clive could have an Ability from Shiva, for example, while using the Phoenix Eikon. It allows players to take their favorite Abilities, or those that provide the best advantage in battle, and mix them with the most effective Eikons for a battle or chapter. As players progress through more of the story, builds will become more important, allowing them to defeat powerful foes weak to specific elements.

How to Make a Build in Final Fantasy 16

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To create a build in Final Fantasy 16, players need to equip an Eikon, choose two Abilities to use with it, and then equip the best gear for the job. If someone is struggling with a boss fight or chapter, the best thing to try is switching out gear and making a build that helps deal damage in new ways or defend the character better. There’s so much gear to experiment with, and many Abilities to master, making for almost endless build crafting potential.