Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Meteorite

Meteorite is a valuable crafting and upgrade material in Final Fantasy 16. Here’s how to get it.

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Out of all the crafting materials you’ll find in Final Fantasy XVI, Meteorite is one of the most important for the early game. It’s also fairly hard to come by, whether you’re trying to farm it or building up the currency to buy it. And you’ll want as much Meteorite as you can find, as upgrading higher-quality equipment takes more and more of it as you continue improving your gear. We’ll cover the main ways you can get this valuable material in this guide.

Where to Find Meteorite in Final Fantasy XVI

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In the earliest parts of a playthrough of Final Fantasy XVI, your ability to find Meteorite is extremely limited. However, after about four hours into the main campaign, it becomes a bit more obtainable. There are three main ways to get Meteorite:

  • As a reward for boss and mini-boss fights. Almost every boss in the early game of Final Fantasy 16 awards at least one unit of Meteorite. As you continue progressing, you can start earning two units. Bear in mind that most early side-quests don’t come with boss challenges, so you’ll be limited to story campaign fights.
  • As a reward from treasure chests found in the world. When you start needing more Meteorite beyond what you can get from bosses, take time to look for treasure chests in both the story areas and world spaces. Many will contain the material, though only in single units most times.
  • As a purchase from vendors for 1,000 gil. You’ll unlock the ability to purchase Meteorite about the time you start needing it to upgrade your equipment. Vendors will sell up to 99 of them to you for 1,000 gil apiece. After that, your inventory won’t be able to hold more.
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I was able to collect about 20 Meteorite after about fifteen hours of playtime without farming too much; simply defeating bosses and opening chests as I found them was more than enough. It wasn’t until the game opened up for sidequests and a bit of exploration that I needed more of it, as the number of equipment upgrades I could buy or craft started to trail off, and I needed to start improving the gear I already had. It might be different for you, as, like many things about Final Fantasy 16, how you play is up to you.