How to Complete All Bark Side Quest in Final Fantasy 16

This guide covers how to complete All Bark side quest and the best response to the nobleman’s question in Final Fantasy 16.

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While you journey through the picturesque but plagued meadows of Moore, you’ll encounter your fair share of undesirable characters. Some will even go as far as hollering to Clive and asking for favors. In the All Bark side quest, a nobleman beside a cart stops Clive to ask for a favor. Still, it sounds more like an order by how he’s addressing you. The man might lack some manners and tact, but the thought of a child in danger — or perhaps the promise of extra XP and spoils — compels you to accept the side quest.

Search for the Nobleman’s son and Slay the Rabid Wolf – Final Fantasy 16

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Head to the location nearby to spot a Rabid Wolf seemingly attacking a child. With Clive’s abilities and melee skills, kill the beast to save the Nobleman’s son. 

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To everyone’s discontent, it turns out the quest that would make you a savior is actually an elaborate prank to kill Brandeds. To take revenge for the fallen, head to the Nobleman’s cart to have a word with him.

How to Respond to the Nobleman in All Bark – Final Fantasy 16

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Because nothing is fair in Vallisthea, the Nobleman will blame Clive for murdering his son’s “well-trained pet.” Since Clive is a Branded himself, the Nobleman will demand to know the name of his master. Here is where the game offers two possible responses:

  1. “The wretch would be the Dame.”
  2. “The wretch would be me.” 

Either option will lead to the same result, and this choice has no significant impact on the world. If players choose to mention the Dame, the Nobleman will simply get agitated, but nothing bad will happen to her.

What happens to the Nobleman and his son in All Bark?

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As Clive buries the bodies of the fallen Branded with this mysterious Raymond, fierce barking noises can be heard nearby. They are shortly followed by a man’s scream and a child’s call for his father. It’s safe to assume that a dog — or wolf — killed them in the end. But did Raymon kill the Nobleman and his son? He denies having any part in the murder, but he likely was the one behind it.