Final Fantasy 16 – The Man In Black, Holy Trumpitor Location & How To Defeat It

This guide will walk you through how to find and defeat the mysterious Man in Black or Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16.

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Final Fantasy 16 Notorious Marks advertised in the Hunting Boards aren’t usually easy to spot. They don’t get a map marker, forcing players to rely on an enemy description and vague location indicator. Still, to track down the Man in Black, aka Holy Trumpitour, players must complete a side quest for it to spawn. This guide helps you track down and hunt the Holy Trumpitor in Final Fantasy 16.

The Man in Black/ Holy Trumpitour Notorious Mark Guide

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  • Unlocks: Clock and Dagger
  • Prerequisite: Complete the For Great Justice 2 Side Quest
  • Level: 36
  • Rank: B
  • Rewards: 12250 Gil and 20 Renown

Final Fantasy 16: The Man in Black Location

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The Holy Trumpitour is located in the Cellar Passage below Lostwing. To get there, teleport to the Lostwing Obelisk and travel through the narrow Cellar Passage. The Man in Black will stand in the open area at the end.

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Remember that the Lostwing side quest For Great Justice 2 must be completed for Holy Trumpitour to spawn in this area.

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat the Holy Trumpitour Notorious Mark

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This enemy boss fight is reminiscent of the fight against the Imperial Canonnier a few chapters back. They share their appearance and some moves, although not the entire moveset. Still, it’s safe to say that familiarity gives you an upper hand in battle.

Mortar SlamHoly Trumpitour performs two frontal cleaves with his Mortar and slams the floor with it.Dodge to the sides to avoid the frontal cleaves and then dodge backward to avoid the slam.
RecoilHoly Trumpitour fires his Mortar, creating some distance between him and Clive. Then, leaps toward Clive and deals damage with his Mortar.Dodge to the sides to avoid the Mortar shot, then dodge backward to avoid the leap attack.
Rapid FireHoly Trumpitour shoots several fireballs at Clive from a distance.Dodge to the sides to avoid the fireballs.
RocketeerHoly Trumpitour charges at Clive with his Mortar twice.Dodge to the sides to avoid the charges.