Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Trailer Puts You In The Shoes Of An Iconic Villain

Final Fantasy VII is back! The much-anticipated compilation returns with a new outlook of an iconic character.

Image via Twitter

Fans of Final Fantasy VII are being spoiled with many new titles set to release over the next couple of years. We enjoyed a wonderful remake not too long ago, but Square Enix isn’t holding anything back with their dive into the FF7 lore. Who would have thought a once complete classic would spin off into a self-contained franchise?

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is the latest of these offerings, and it’s looking better with each trailer. Speaking of trailers, Square Enix was kind enough to drop a new one on their official Twitter. They didn’t hesitate to introduce the story structure, as well as some new and returning characters. We even got to see some more Sephiroth, which is never a bad thing, that is, until you get to see the Masamune master as never before.

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Guess who’s coming to dinner

That’s right, the villain himself, Sephiroth, is set to make his return, but in a whole new light. For players wondering how the legendary hero came to be, there’s an all-new playable story detailing his tragic background. This surprise announcement was accompanied by teasers of how the overall story works in the compilation. Players will get a chance to see the world through the perspectives of many of the original cast, along with some new faces.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen some new footage regarding the story, so fans will be sure to comb through the newest story trailer for anything we can find. Rest assured that anything Sephiroth-related is bound to be connected to the upcoming title Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, so anyone interested in the lore may be compelled to check it out. Even with his new look, we all know that the story of Sephiroth is bound to be wilder than we’ve ever imagined.

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Hopefully, we will get the chance to see a bit more of Wutai and Midgar. Even though Final Fantasy VII: Remake did a good job exploring both sides, many questions are still unanswered. One thing’s for sure, fans of Genesis and Angeal are salivating over more appearances from the two other legendary soldiers. Meanwhile, the rest of us wait for the upcoming release next month.