Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Fix The Connection Unsuccessful Error

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has the option for you to connect to the internet and play online. If you do, you can open up a couple of different features. You should see where other players won or lost to an enemy — getting a unit to that tile awards you an item or experience. You will be able to see what percentage of players picked which free day options. You also get access to a mini-game, but that has no bearing on the main story. Finally, students that represent other players can appear in your game, which is pretty neat.

If you have tried to play online, but continue seeing a message that says connection unsuccessful, then this guide covers why, and how to avoid it.

How To Fix The Unsuccessful Connection Error

So, I’ve been playing since last night, and this issue started for me in the last couple of hours. The reason why it happens is pretty apparent. The game launched today, lots of people are picking up the game, and the servers are getting flooded. It’s hard to think of a game with an online function that doesn’t have trouble on launch day, and the fact that it was working fine last night tells me it’s strictly a traffic issue.

The best way to avoid the problem right now is to play offline. Yes, it’s not the best solution in the world, but the issue should die down in a day or two when everyone is not trying to play the game at the same time. I know you probably want to maximize your time in the game by getting as much experience as you can, and those weapons from other dead players ghost tiles, but it’s straightforward to level in the early stages of the game anyway.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is just having a massive influx of new players right now, and this is causing some problems with the online portion of the game. If you wait it out, everything should get back to usually pretty quickly, so just playing in offline mode until things settle down is a great way to avoid the problem.