First 5 Items to Craft in Rust


If you’re new to the survival game of Rust for PC, we’ve got you covered on the first five items you should craft that will help keep you alive. To stay alive in Rust, you’ll need the Stone Hatchet, Stone Pick Axe, Spear, Sleeping Bag, and the Campfire.

Stone Hatchet

First 5 Items to Craft in Rust

Once you start the game, all you’re given is a Stone and a Torch. Those two items alone won’t keep you alive for very long, so one of the first things you should craft is the Stone Hatchet. The Stone Hatchet is crucial in gathering material, and is useful for protecting yourself from the danger that lurks in the wilderness.

To craft a Stone Hatchet you will need 200 Wood and 100 Stone. To gather these items, walk up to a tree and use your Stone to gather the Wood you need. Next, find a boulder to gather the 100 Stone you require. After opening up your inventory, left click on the image of the Stone Hatchet and it will start crafting.

Stone Pick Axe

First 5 Items to Craft in Rust

After you’re done crafting the Stone Hatchet, and if you have plenty of leftover Stone and Wood, go ahead and craft the Stone Pick Axe. To craft the Stone Pick Axe you will need 250 Wood and 125 Stone. If you don’t have the resources already on hand, you’ll need to gather them before you can begin. The Stone Pick Axe increases the amount of Stone mined and is great for skinning animals.


First 5 Items to Craft in Rust

Now that you have those two items crafted, consider making a Spear. The Spear takes 300 Wood and is a good survival weapon in the beginning of the game. Killing animals with the spear takes a few tries and is a little time consuming, but it’s a lot better than nothing. After you craft the spear, you will be able to craft the next item you’ll need to survive, and it’s probably one of the most important.

Sleeping Bag

First 5 Items to Craft in Rust

The next item to craft is a Sleeping Bag. This allows you to respawn at its location if you die. To craft the Sleeping Bag you will need 100 Wood and 30 Cloth. Just like the rest of the items listed above, you can get Wood from trees. As far as cloth goes, it can be gathered a number of ways. You can gather Cloth by harvesting Hemp Plants, a Cactus, or by killing animals. After crafting the Sleeping Bag, place it in one of your six slots in the main equipment bar. Select it, then make sure you’re on a flat surface. If you’re on a flat surface the item will be blue, which indicates you can successfully place it there. I suggest placing the Sleeping Bag on top of some large rocks to ensure your safety from wildlife.


First 5 Items to Craft in Rust

The last item you will need to craft is a Campfire. To craft the Campfire you will need 100 Wood. The Campfire is used for cooking any type of meat found in the game, keeping you warm in cold areas, and providing a level of comfort to your character. Plus, it looks really cool at night when you’re under the stars.

Those are the first five items you should craft in Rust to help you survive. What other items do you think would be a big help? Let us know in the comments below.