Five Flushes of Fortune Day Four – Genshin Impact – Where to find a blue item

Yet another subject to study.

It is Day Four of the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Genshin Impact. During this event, players need to photograph different items or creatures with their new Kamera. Today, it is blue items that players will need to find, and that will give them the all-important colored photos that Ji Tong is looking for.

Finding blue items is easy, as long as you know where to look. In this guide, we will show you where to find enough blue items to easily get all ten daily photos for the event.

The good news is that a very common item in the game will count as a blue item, the humble mint flower. These will grow everywhere in the game and can be found all over the map.

Near the fields in Qingce Village, players will find lots of Mint and Glazy Lily that they can photograph, which will all count as blue items. If you have already harvested these plants in this area today, you can head to Liyue Harbor, where you can find more of them in the gardens near the palace.

On the event page, you will see five color cards. One is a red color, the others are blue, gold, ochre, and purple. Do not let these influence you too much, they don’t really mean anything. The camera will randomly pull colors from the items you photograph, and you need to get at least one of each color to be able to get your reward from Ji Tong. Just keep taking photos of blue items until all your daily photos have been used.

Day Four will result in a new color and a new type of object we need to photograph, so we will once again be looking for the best possible spot to wrap up the challenge quickly.