Five Flushes of Fortune Day Two – Genshin Impact – Where to find a blue creature

A one stop shop.

Image via miHoYo

The Five Flushes of Fortune event is live in Genshin Impact, and we are now on Day Two. You will need to take photos of blue creatures to get all the different colors you need to collect your reward from Ji Tong at Liyue Harbor.

Fortunately, there is one spot that has lots of blue creatures, allowing you to wrap up this challenge very quickly. If you head to the teleporter on the outcrop of land to the northeast of Liyue Harbor, you will find a menagerie of different blue creatures.

Spawn at the teleporter then make your way to the coast, and finally head to the very tip of the peninsula before dropping down to the beach. Here you will find a large number of Hydro Slimes and can photograph them all, along with some Hydro flying bugs that will also count.

Remember, in the event page, you will see five color cards. One is a red color, the others are blue, gold, ochre, and purple. Do not let these influence you too much, they don’t really mean anything. The camera will randomly pull colors from the creatures you photograph, and you need to get at least one of each color to be able to get your reward from Ji Tong.

Day Three will result in a new color and a new type of object we need to photograph, so we will once again track down the best place to do this.