Is For The King Cross Platform? – Crossplay Guide

For the King is a game that can be played with others or solo, but it’s unclear if fans across different platforms are able to team up.

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For the King is a strategic RPG that brings elements from roguelike and tabletop games to craft a truly unique experience. Players can jump in and tackle a campaign solo or join up with friends to take on all that the world has to throw at them.

However, since For The King is available across multiple platforms, it’s hard to gauge who can play together when it comes to multiplayer playthroughs. This guide explains if For the King is cross-platform and how all the crossplay elements work so players can understand how they can work together.

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Is For the King Cross Platform?

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Yes, For the King is cross-platform and supports crossplay between all platforms across PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t matter which platform a player owns the game for; they can jump into a multiplier adventure with their friends on all other platforms in whatever combination that happens to be.

How to Start a Cross Platform Multiplayer Playthrough of For the King

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To start a multiplayer playthrough in For the King across multiple platforms, players simply need to open the multiplayer menu and join a game. All players must have an Activision ID to find each other. There’s a search function within the game that can be used to track down a specific Activision ID and start a new game together.

What is the Best Way to Play For the King Multiplayer?

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Fans agree that there are two ways to play For the King in multiplayer that provide the best experience. First, players can each join a game from different locations and play together online. This method requires them to have microphones and headsets for the best experience and a decent place to chat, such as Discord.

The second best way to play For the King multiplayer is for one player with a very powerful PC to stream it via Steam Remote Play. Then, other players can watch the stream and play remotely while viewing on the same screen, effectively creating a couch co-op experience.