Forza Horizon 4: How to unlock the Mercedes-AMG E63

Get your Weekly events in.

Thanks to a new content update, two new cars, the 2019 Zenvo TSR-S and the Mercedes-AMG E63, became available to players via the Season Playlist. The Mercedes-AMG E63 is a Weekly cumulative reward, but you might be wondering how to go about unlocking this vehicle. If you are, let’s go over what you need to do to hit the road with a brand new Mercedes.

How to unlock the Mercedes-AMG E63

Much like with the Zenvo TSR-S, Forza players will need multiple seasonal events to unlock the Mercedes-AMG E63. Forza drivers will need to have an 80% completion percentage for the weekly events that began on February 11.

Because the formula for how the percentages work in Forza Horizon 4 can be a bit confusing, let’s take a look at what specific events you’ll need to complete to get this car:

  • Three Weekly Season Racing Events
  • Two Monthly Racing Events
  • Three Season PR Stunts
  • 1 Playground Games
  • 1 The Trial
  • 1 Weekly Photo Challenge
  • 1 Showcase Remix (Optional)
  • At least 2 Daily #FORZATHON challenges (Optional)

The first two bullet points are pretty straight forward. Just enter and complete the Weekly and Season Racing events, and you’ll be on your way. As for the season PR stunts, those can be a bit tricky to complete, given that you’ll need to go above and beyond the typical three-star requirements. We recommend using S2 or X class cars for completing those, as you should be able to get plenty of speed and air with those classes of vehicles.

Make sure to complete the Weekly Photo Challenge, which features the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Additionally, you should complete either the Showcase Remix or a few of the Daily #FORZATHON challenges. Completing at least some of the Daily challenges shouldn’t be too hard, as those can be completed in most cases by just driving around the open-world environment of Great Britain.