Foxhole Logistics guide – How to run Logi in Foxhole

Wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.

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In the war MMO Foxhole, Logistics (referred to as Logi) is the backbone of the entire war effort. Without logistics, which consists of players taking raw materials and turning them into weapons, equipment, and vehicles, the war effort is completely lost. It’s important to understand that almost everything, from the rounds loaded into weapons to artillery shells to vehicles and armor, are made by players in Foxhole.

Logi’s bear the massive weight of supplying an entire war effort for their faction. It’s also one of the most effective means of gaining rank in Foxhole. This also means that the depth of Logi is massive — here’s how to efficiently run Logi in Foxhole.

Determining what to build in Foxhole

By watching Logi chat in-game or browsing the map, Logi players can identify what is most needed at which fronts. Be wary, however, as fronts that are struggling could well be overrun by the time you’ve completed building the requested supplies, or the road could be mined by enemy partisans looking to cause backline havoc. Finding specific people in chat, and asking about additional statuses in various frontlines, can help determine where to bring what resource.

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Soldier Supplies, referred to as ‘shirts’ within Foxhole, offers players a means to respawn at specific bunkers. Without shirts, a base will be lost. Being that it’s a staple resource within Foxhole, and relatively simple to craft, this guide will use shirts for teaching purposes.

How to build an item in Foxhole

Once you’ve determined what you’re bringing and its likely ultimate destination, it’s time to actually begin crafting it.

Identifying the resources

To determine what you need to build a specific item, you can head to a Factory and peruse its various options. This will tell players how much of a certain resource is needed to build a single crate of the item, which contains multiple individual items. Items that are grayed out have not been researched yet by your faction. We can see that shirts cost 80 Basic Materials, or bMats, to create one crate which contains ten shirts.

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After the Factory, then visit a Refinery to determine how to construct the necessary materials. Once comfortable with the Logi and crafting system, this step will be skipped, but it’s ideal to understand the entire process for new tech researches. At the Refinery, we can see that two Salvage is refined into one bMat, so we’ll need to gather 160 Salvage. This can be done with a mere hammer, or unique vehicles and buildings can be built to help automate this process.

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Gather 180 salvage, bring it to the refinery, and turn it into bMats. From here, you’ll want to take your bMats and bring them to the Factory. This is far simpler if you have a vehicle, as items within your inventory can make you overweight, thus resulting in a slow movement speed.

Building the item

At the Factory, select the shirts in the center window to set them into queue, then click the play icon on the right to begin the crafting process. Note the dropdown, allowing you to mark the completed item as ‘Personal’ or ‘Public.’ Keeping it at ‘Personal’ means other players cannot pilfer your work once it’s completed, while ‘Public’ is helpful for long building queues if you won’t be around to finish it.

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Once the crafting is complete, you can click the green icon on the right, and the crate of shirts will be moved to your inventory. You’ll likely want to craft multiple crates for a single delivery, as it’s a more effective use of time, so grab a truck of some sort and get to stacking. Players can use the ‘L’ key while in their truck to lock it to other players, ensuring that no one grabs their hard work and glory.

Delivering the goods

While there is something intangibly relaxing about running backline Logi, delivering the items is where the sweat can occur. Reach out to the desired location, and inform them of the intent of delivery. Ideally, they should scout around the base a bit to ensure that you’ll be safe to do so; otherwise, they’ll tell you it isn’t safe and to divert the run.

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Open the map, and plan your route. Be advised that enemy partisan forces are likely trying to stop you from reaching your destination with mines, heavy weapons, and small arms fire. Moving through heavily fortified areas with watchtowers is your best bet. Once you arrive at the base, you’ll be prompted to automatically dump your materials into the base, and all nearby friendly players will be prompted to commend you, increasing your rank.