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Full Hogwarts Legacy achievements and trophies list

Prove fifth-year students make for the best wizards.

There is plenty to do inside of Hogwarts Legacy’s massive open world, and this includes collecting achievements and trophies. The role-playing title features 45 objectives for award chasers, with most revolving around mastering certain elements. For instance, those wanting the Platinum trophy or all of its available Gamerscore will be tasked with reaching the max character level and even learning every spell in the game. Here is the full list of achievements and trophies in Hogwarts Legacy, organized by their trophy rarity.

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Hogwarts Legacy achievement and trophy list

Trophy TriumphObtain all trophiesPlatinum
The Seeker of KnowledgeWin the House CupGold/70G
A Forte for AchievementReach Level 40Gold/80G
Going Through the PotionsBrew every type of potionSilver/30G
Merlin’s Beard!Complete all Merlin TrialsSilver/30G
The Nature of the BeastBreed every type of beastSilver/30G
Third Time’s a CharmUpgrade a piece of gear three timesSilver/30G
Savvy SpenderSpend all Talent PointsSilver/30G
Collector’s EditionComplete all collectionsSilver/40G
The Good SamaritanComplete all side questsSilver/40G
Flight the Good FlightBeat Imelda’s time in all broom racesSilver/40G
Put Down RootsGrow every type of plantSilver/30G
Rise to the ChallengesDefeat enemies in all battle arenasSilver/40G
The Hero of HogwartsDefeat RanrokSilver/30G
Rising From the AshesRescue the phoenixSilver/15G
The Ends Petrify the MeansDefeat a total of 50 enemies using Petrificus TotalusSilver/30G
Finishing TouchesUse Ancient Magic on every enemy in the gameSilver/30G
The Spell MasterLearn all spellsSilver/40G
The Intrepid ExplorerDiscover all cairn dungeonsBronze/15G
Coasting AlongVisIt Poidsear CoastBronze/15G
Followed the ButterfliesFollow butterflies to a treasureBronze/10G
Floo Around the WorldUnlock all Floo FlamesBronze/10G
Spilled MilkUse Flipendo 10 times to tip one cow or severalBronze/10G
Demiguise DreadFind all Demiguise statuesBronze/15G
Room with a ViewReach the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster’s upper studyBronze/10G
Raising ExpectationsReach a combo of 100Bronze/20G
A Talent for SpendingSpend five Talent PointsBronze/10G
The Auror’s ApprenticeFind the Map Chamber as a HufflepuffBronze/10G
Loom for ImprovementUpgrade a piece of gearBronze/10G
The Root of the ProblemStun 10 different enemies using a MandrakeBronze/10G
The Hallowed HeroWield a Deathly HallowBronze/20G
The Wise OwlFind the Map Chamber as a RavenclawBronze/10G
First Class StudentAttend your first classBronze/10G
Troll with the PunchesSurvive the troll attack on HogsmeadeBronze/15G
That’s a KeeperMeet Charles Rookwood in the Map ChamberBronze/15G
Grappling with a GraphornSubdue the Lord of the ShoreBronze/15G
The One Who Mastered MemoriesView all Pensieve memoriesBronze/20G
The Toast of the TownFind the Map Chamber as a SlytherinBronze/10G
The Gryffindor in the GraveyardFind the Map Chamber as a GryffindorBronze/10G
The Avenging GazelleComplete Natsai Onai’s relationship lineBronze/15G
The Defender of DragonsSave a dragonBronze/15G
Beast FriendsComplete Poppy Sweeting’s relationship lineBronze/15G
A Sallow GraveComplete Sebastian Sallow’s relationship lineBronze/15G
Challenge AcceptedComplete all tiers of a challengeBronze/10G
The Sort Who Makes an EntranceComplete the introduction and finish the Sorting CeremonyBronze/15G
A Keen Sense of SpellInvoke Ancient Magic for the first timeBronze/10G

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