Who Is The Gears of War 5 Voice Cast?


Without the talents of voice actors, games would be boring, silent movies. You’d be forced to read everything a character said, and nobody wants that. Gears of War 5 has a host of talent behind those broad faces, so in this article, we will run through the main characters, and the talented people who voice them.

Who Is The Gears of War 5 Voice Cast?

Kait Diaz – Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey as Kait Diaz

Laura Bailey is voiced acting royalty at this point. She has been in everything from TV shows, animes, video games, and movies. You might know her from her work on Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Nier, Final Fantasy, Uncharted 4 and more.

J.D Fenix – Liam McIntyre

JD Fenix

Liam McIntyre is a well known Australian actor. He has starred in Spartacus, The Flash, Security and of course Gears of War 4.

Del Walker – Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd as Del Walker

Eugene Byrd is back to once again bring the character of Del Walker to life. He has been on TV shows like Bones, Arrow, and True Blood, and has done voice work for the Battlefield series, and Driver.

Marcus Fenix – John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio as Marcus Fenix

If you don’t know who John DiMaggio is by now, then lists like these can’t help you. He has done voice work for a little known show called Futurama, Adventure Time, American Dad, Kung Fu Panda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, assorted DC animated movies, and this is his fifth time playing Marcus Fenix.

Fahz Chutani – Rahul Kohli

Rahul Kohli as Fahz Chutani

Rahul makes his debut in Gears of War 5, but you might recognize him from iZombie, where he plays Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. This is just his second outing in a video game, with his first being Rage 2 which released earlier this year.