Genshin Impact: A Study in Potions Solitary Rampart Event Guide

The final set of potions.

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A new event is available in Genshin Impact Version 2.4. In this part of the event, Timaeus creates some Smoldersleet Potions as inspiration for his alchemy. He asks you to test out the effects of these potions in nearby domains, where they’ll give you a variety of buffs.

These domains pit you against challenging foes that increase in difficulty as you clear multiple stages. The potions will aid you in battle, however, making things a bit easier.

Here is the location for the Solitary Rampart domain:

Each domain has four stages of challenges that you can select in any order. When you clear a stage, the difficulty of the other stages increases in difficulty. This guide will cover the stages from Stage 1 to Stage 4.

Defeat all the opponents within a given time limit to complete the challenge. The faster you finish, the better your score. And the better your score, the better your rewards.

Here are the requirements for Stage 1. Note: you can choose to increase the difficulty of the enemies in the Accurate Sample menu, increasing the points you get.

You can also choose to use Trial Characters for the challenge, although they will not count towards your Elemental Resonance. You can also equip potions that will provide your characters with certain buffs. Be sure to equip three. Note: The characters you choose will temporarily be on standby. This means if you select a team for Stage 1, you cannot reuse them for Stage 2. This goes for potions as well.

These are the trial characters for the Sealed Ruins challenges:

Here are the enemies for Stage 2:

Here are the enemies for Stage 3:

Here are the enemies for Stage 4:

Recommended Characters

The first stage’s biggest challenge is the two Thunderhelm Lawachurls. Using Xiangling, Bennett, or other Pyro characters will help you burst down the Electro shield faster. Otherwise, you can use Anemo CC like Venti or Sucrose to deal with the mobs before tackling the Lawachurls.

The second stage features Rockfond Rifthounds, which take bonus damage from the Geo element. Incorporate a Geo character in your team, or better yet, use a Geo-focused team with Arataki, Itto, and Gorou. You can also use Noelle. Corrosion is strong here, so bring a good healer.

The third stage takes bonus damage from the Electro element. Using a combo of Fischl or Beidou will help greatly, as well as Raiden, Shogun, or even Lisa. Corrosion is also strong here, so bring a good healer. You can even use the Kokomi given out as a trial character if you don’t already own one.