Genshin Impact: All world and story quests

Here is a list of all quests you can undertake in the lands of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact: All world and story quests

Genshin Impact is a pretty expansive game that contains a wide variety of quests. These quests range from Archon Quests to World and Story Quests. While Archon Quests focus on the Traveler’s and Paimon’s story, the World Quests uncover the stories of the land of Teyvat. On the other hand, Story Quests focus on the game’s characters. While some quests unlock after you reach a given Adventurer Rank or finish a specific quest, others do not require any unlock conditions. If you are looking for a list of World and Story quests, here is a list of them along with the unlock conditions, wherever applicable.

Story Quests

Act 1

Quest NameHow to Unlock
Secret Pirate Treasure
Darknight Hero’s AlibiComplete Act III of the Prologue Archon Quest
Wind, Courage and Wings
Troublesome WorkRequires Adventurer Rank 15
The Meaning of LupicalRequires Adventurer Rank 21. Players should also complete Act III of the Prologue Archon Quest and Act I of Amber’s Story Quest.
Mondstadt Gastronomy TripRequires Adventurer Rank 15
Bookworm SwordsmanRequires Adventurer Rank 26. Players should also complete Act I of Lisa’s Story Quest.
True TreasureRequires Adventurer Rank 32 and 1 Story Key. Players should also complete Darknight Hero’s Alibi Quest.
Master’s Day OffRequires Adventurer Rank 34 and 1 Story Key.
Should You Be Trapped in a Windless LandRequires Adventurer Rank 36 and 1 Story Key.

World Quests

Quest NameHow to Unlock
Adventure Rank Ascension 1Reach Adventure Rank 25
Adventure Rank Ascension 2Reach Adventure Rank 35
A Fine OpportunitySpeak with Cyrus after completing Dragon Storm
The Chi of GuyunSpeak to Yan’er near the ruins south of Qingce Village
Break the Sword Cemetery SealSpeak with Dr. Livingstone at the lake in Dadaupa Gorge.
Livingstone and EdithNear Cape Oath’s Teleport Waypoint
Big BusinessSpeak with Landa at the top of Wangshu Inn
Every Day a New AdventureSpeak with Katheryne after reaching Adventure Rank 12.
Solo VentureSpeak with Jack at Angel’s Share tavern.
The Tree who Stands AloneSpeak with the ghost of Yuan Hong in Mingyun Village.
Mondstadt and its ArchonSpeak with Grace, near the Anemo God Statue Plaza. Should also complete Venti’s Story Quest.
Treasure Lost, Treasure FoundSpeak with Soraya outside of Guili Assembly in Guili Plains.
Time and the WindReach the Secret Island on the far east end of the map.
Time Waits For No ManSpeak with Cyrus in Mondstadt after completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom.
Share Not Your TreasuresInteract with the Worn Letter guarded by a Ruin Hunter in Guili Plains.
Luhua LandscapeSpeak with Vermeer at the ruins south of Luhua Pool.
Question and AnswerSpeak with Swan at the gates of Mondstadt.
And This Treasure Goes To…Go to the far west of Linju Pass. On climbing up the top of the cliff you will be attacked by Treasure Hoarders.
A Little GameSpeak with Childish Jiang near the Teleport Waypoint north of Mt. Tianheng.
A Provisional AgreementSpeak with Zhen Qiang in Wangshu Inn, Liyue.
Nine Pillars of PeaceRead the stone tablet in the middle of Cuijue Slope, Liyue.
Flighty Flora… and FloraSpeak with Flora after completing the prologue.
In the AftermathSpeak with Huffman after completing the prologue.
Equivalent ExchangeAfter completing the Fatui Agent’s commission quest inside the Cathedral, speak with him again.
Thief-CatcherSpeak with Cyrus after completing the prologue.
Blackcliff WoesSpeak with Manager Kuan in Lisha, Liyue.
After the StormSpeak with Wagner the blacksmith after completing the prologue.
Trails in TianqiuExamine the ancient tablet in Tianqiu.
OverstretchedExamine the ancient tablet in Tianqiu.
Old Tastes Die HardSpeak with Qiaoxi at the bridge in Dihua Marsh.
…What Do Adventurers Do Again?Speak with Lan after finishing Fabule Textile Act I and reaching AR 28.
Cleanup at DawnSpeak with Adelinde outside of the Dawn Winery building.
Lingering MaladySpeak with Aramis in front of the Cathedral after reaching AR 30.
An Adeptal SummonsGets triggered upon entering Mt. Aozang’s Central Lake
Windrise, WindfallSpeak with Elzer inside of the Dawn Winery.
Book in the WoodsSpeak with Little Nine in Wuwang Hill, Liyue
Will of StoneSpeak with Jiayi in Liyue Harbor after reaching AR 30.
Pressing DeadlinesSpeak with Clerk Zhao in Liyue Harbor after reaching AR 30.
A Quiet Day in Liyue HarborSpeak with Nervous An in Liyue Harbor after reaching AR 30.
A Lone Ship In GuyunGliding or swimming onto the boat triggers a cutscene that begins the quest.
The Ocean PearlGet on the mysterious boat near Liyue Harbor.
The Yaksha’s WishRead the Ruin Tablet found in Minlin, Liyue.
Busy Adventurers’ Guild
Collector of Anemo Sigils
Every Day a New Adventure
Not to be Missed
Scent on the Wind
Sharpening the Axe Won’t Hinder the Work
Solo Venture
The Art of Cooking
The Blessings of The Seven
Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild