Genshin Impact: As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared domain guide

Telling a backstory.

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The Golden Apple Archipelago is in full swing, and the main story quest on the island comes with tons of special domains for you to try out. This quest gives a ton of attention to Kazuha, revealing a ton about his past. There are also a good amount of puzzles for you to solve along the way.

Here’s how to clear the As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared domain.

As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared: First Domain

You can access this domain in the second act of the Golden Apple Archipelago quest. After returning to the island, you’ll wake up from a slumber and encounter some odd events, such as a talking boat and squirrel. Additionally, you notice the islands in the distance looking strange, and you’ll be sent to investigate them.

When you arrive at the first instance, you’ll notice that Kazuha has gone missing. You’ll have to read a letter found on a table in the next room, which is supposedly written by Kazuha’s father. The next room has a lever that you’ll have to press which will start the first puzzle: the Utility Room.

There’s a drum that you can activate that fires a green projectile. Additionally, there are turrets with lights sticking out of them that direct the projectile in a certain direction. Finally, there’s a floating, maple leaf that you want to aim the projectile towards. You have to rotate the turrets to lead the green projectile towards the maple leaf.

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Swap to the Unknown Chamber. Use the Maple Leaf on the drum, which will allow you to change the drum’s color. Switch it to yellow. Aim the turret to the right. Head over to the right, and there will be two more turrets. Configure them like so to open this chest.

Go further into the next room. Swap to the second unknown chamber, and then collect the yellow maple leaf by defeating the enemies. Head back to the first room, and then swap the turrets so the projectile hits the chest. Head to the third room. You’ll find cards known as Melodic Omamori cards. You have to place these cards in specific shrines to proceed.

Here is the location of card one. Put this card in the rightmost shrine.

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The location of card two:

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The final room is a simple spiral staircase. You can just climb up the staircase, pick up the Omamori, and then place them in shrines as you climb to the top. Afterward, you can leave the domain, and head to the next one.

There is an optional chest you can collect here. Head to the second Unknown Chamber to collect a yellow maple leaf by defeating enemies. Head to the third Unknown Chamber, configure the turrets, and fire the yellow drum which will let you collect the final maple leaf. Change to the red drum and then head to the final unknown chamber,

As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared: Second Domain

Before heading to the second domain, you’ll have to head to a marked location, defeat some enemies, and collect a rock and a bonsai. Afterward, head back to the domain location and insert these items into the marked location. This will bring you to the next domain.


  • Find the Omamori and then insert it into the nearest shrine. This will open up a wind current you can ride. Head down the hallway which will lead you to a lever.
  • Pressing the lever will rotate the room. An Omamori will be on the bottom. Collect the Omamori and head deeper into the room, where a hole will be on the ground.
  • Fire up the drum after configuring the turrets. It will unlock a shrine which will create another wind current. Collect the Omamori. Taking the wind current will take you back to your original location. You can then insert the last Omamori into the shrine.
  • Rotate the room. Head to the bottom and you’ll find a Maple Leaf. Head back to your original location, and you’ll be able to change the color of the nearby drum. Configure the turrets correctly and collect the Omamori. Rotate the room again, and insert the Omamori into the shrine.
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  • Enter the nearby dojo and defeat the enemy. Rotate the nearby room and head to the bottom. There will be another lever there that you can use to rotate the room again.
  • Collect this Omamori:
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  • Then collect this Omamori:
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  • Insert the Omamoris into the shrines after rotating the room one more time. This will lead you to an exit.
  • Head to the next room and rotate it using the lever. Correctly configure the turrets and then proceed.
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  • There’s another dojo fight. Defeat the enemies and find Kazuha, which will trigger a black and white sidescrolling event.

This will conclude this portion of the quest and will allow you to move to the final domain.

As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared: Third Domain

As with the second domain, you’ll have to head to a marked location, defeat enemies, and then find some items. These items will allow you to unlock the final domain.

  • Fire the drum behind you, and then insert the Omamori into the nearby shrine. You’ll have to hop from building to building and insert Omamoris into shrines, but these puzzles don’t usually require any searching or reconfiguring.
  • Note: There is an Echoing Conch here that you’ll want to pick up. It’s in the middle of your main path, so it’s hard to miss.
  • From here, you will be following two Seelies. Follow these seelies to the end of the domain. You’ll be fighting tons of enemies along the way, so bring your strongest team.
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That’s all for the domains. You will then unlock the Misty Hills event at the conclusion of this quest, so be sure to complete these domains as soon as possible.