Genshin Impact: Where To Get Rainbow Rose – All Locations & How to Farm

If you’re looking for Rainbow Roses in Genshin Impact, this guide will show you the best places to find them.

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Rainbow Rose is a new material in Genshin Impact, unique to the Fontaine region, and it’s also a key ascension component for characters from Fontaine: Lyney in particular. You’ll need more than 150 Rainbow Roses to take Lyney all the way to level 90, which means you’ll need a good place to find them. Thankfully, there are several hotspots in Fontaine where Rainbow Roses are plentiful, and we’ll cover all of them in this guide.

Where to Find Rainbow Rose in Genshin Impact

Rainbow Rose is native primarily to the northern regions of Fontaine, and while they technically grow all over the region, you’ll find them mostly in patches of between five and fifteen. There are four main areas I was able to find that had easy-to-grab, closely-clustered amounts of Rainbow Roses, and while there are a couple others where you might find them, the ones listed below are the easiest to farm consistently.

Rainbow Rose LocationAmount of RosesNearest Point of InterestHow to Reach
15The Court of Fontaine (southwest)From the Court of Fontaine, head northwest
until you reach a small town near the edge
of the map. Roses are scattered about there, including six in a group.
10The Fountain of LucineAlong the northeastern treeline
near the road leading north are bunches of
Rainbow Roses for the taking.
9South of the Elynas Statue of the SevenTravel just south of the Elynas Statue of
the Seven and along the rockface near the road. The path leading west also has a few.
7Southern Tip of ElynasNear the southern coast of Elynas,
in another small town, is a small cluster
of Rainbow Roses.

Besides these four hotspots, you’ll find Rainbow Roses in the wild from time to time, but usually only near settlements. As you can see, there are not nearly the hundreds you need to fully upgrade Lyney and any other characters that might use the Roses for ascension. Plants are on a 48-hour respawn timer, so once gathered, you need to wait two real-world days to harvest them again. Not the most ideal situation, but it wouldn’t be Genshin if there wasn’t some crazy time gate.