Genshin Impact: Blazin’ Trails domain event guide

The musical domain.

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The characters in the Golden Apple Archipelago of Genshin Impact are each getting their own unique domain, and now, it’s Xinyan’s turn to explore her past. After finishing the As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared domain, you’ll have the chance to go through the Blazin’ Trails domain. You’ll need to finish the prior domain if you want to play through Blazin’ Trails.

The next day after completing As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared, you will wake up on the island in a similar manner to the previous day and explore a nearby island with Xinyan (Fischl will not be joining you). Like how Kazuha needed to touch a bonsai tree to teleport everyone to the domain, Xinyan will need to touch a drum made of plants.

Blazin’ Trails first domain in Genshin Impact

  • Head to the marked location. You’ll need to hit drums along the way to unlock paths.
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  • When you reach the next area, you’ll find a “Melodic Harp.” When activated, these Harps will release sound waves that cause “Melodic Blooms” within an AoE to fire notes. The Harps must be glowing red. Melodic Blooms can be transferred to other Melodic Blooms, which can change the direction of the notes. Use this to solve puzzles.
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  • The next area will trigger a cutscene. Head to the marked location to find a key. There are platforms with notes on them that will create a path. Walking to the end of this path will allow you to activate a Melodic Harp. Follow the path to activate the nearby harp. Activate the harp immediately to get the key and then adjust the orientation of nearby Blooms to go back to the door.
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  • In the next area, you’ll find a giant talking flower that needs some water to create a path for you to proceed. You’ll be transported out of the domain to find some. Follow the trail of water and break rocks blocking the stream. You’ll encounter a gate with a music note. Solve the Melodic Harp puzzle.
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  • Follow the trail up the mountain and solve the next puzzle. You can obtain some water after completing the next puzzle.

Blazin’ Trails second domain in Genshin Impact

  • Return to the flower and give the Spring Water. A new path will open up for you sending you to a new area.
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  • Follow the path. Doors with silhouettes of people in Xinyan’s life will block your way. Simply talk to each door to continue. Head to the end of the path. There is a Melodic Harp there. Solve a brief puzzle to open a gate and continue onwards.
  • You’ll encounter an NPC named Little Fei looking for his friends. Head to the marked locations to find them.
  • Trigger the Melodic Harp and unlock the gate to Xinyan’s house.

Blazin’ Trails third domain in Genshin Impact

  • Before heading back into the domain, you’ll have to clear water veins on the Golden Apple Archipelago.
  • First, head to this location:
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  • Solve the puzzles and clear the rocks up to the mountain and clear this stream. Head to the second location and do the same thing.
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  • Head back to the domain. You’ll have to look for the “Frozen Soul.” Use a Melodic Harp next to you to head to the marked location. There’s also a drum you’ll have to hit to create a new path.
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  • After finding the Frozen Soul, you’ll have to plant one of its petals back in the Golden Apple Archipelago.
  • Go back to the domain. Clear the water veins again. Go back to the domain once more. Head to the marked location to watch Xinyan’s performance.
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  • Afterward, head to the marked location and defeat the slimes there. Head to the next marked location, and you’ll find Fischl.

That’s the end of the Blazin’ Trails quest and domain. It’s a bit shorter than Kazuha’s domain and doesn’t have as many elaborate puzzles. Complete this domain to participate in the next part of the Golden Apple Archipelago.