Genshin Impact: Dragonspine Special Training – Combat Training Day Four guide

The last fight.

Image via miHoYo

The final day of Dragonspine Special Training is here, which includes the final day of Combat Training. These events are a combat event, allowing players to challenge a difficult fight amongst the Sheer Cold of Dragonspine.

The next challenges available for today are stages 7 and 8. These are located in different parts of Dragonspine. Here is the location of the first Combat Training challenge:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here is the location of the second Combat Training challenge:

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you approach each challenge, you’ll have to activate a sigil to begin. Each challenge sigil is surrounded by various gadgets and Scarlet Quartz, which can turn the tides of your fight.

Gather all the Scarlet Quartz you can before starting the fight. If you don’t, the sigil will start in a state of “Source Cold.” This emanates cold air that increases the rate of Sheer Cold on your characters and gives enemies a survivability buff.

Attack mechanisms around the sigil with the Scarlet Quartz in hand. Once these three mechanisms are activated, the sigil will go from Source Cold state to “Heat Source,” which decreases the accumulation of Sheer Cold.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Both challenges involve a mix of Cryo Slimes, Ice Shieldwall Mitachurls, and other Cryo enemies. This has stayed consistent throughout the event, and like the other days, it’s recommended you bring some Pyro characters to help deal with these enemies.

Recommended Characters

Like Day One, you need plenty of Pyro characters to tackle this challenge. With tons of Cryo slimes and Cryo shields in your way, you need plenty of Pyro DPS to get through these fights. Bring a Xiangling, Bennett, Hu Tao, or Yoimiya to melt these foes quickly.