Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Fruition Deceitful Domains – Whirling Judgment guide

The last fight.

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The Deceitful Domains are a challenging new fight for players to try out in Genshin Impact as a part of the Energy Amplifier Fruition event. This domain allows you to face a wave of enemies, and adjust the difficulty of the fight. The harder the fight is, the more points you get to cash out for rewards.

To unlock the second part of Deceitful Domains, you have to first clear Act 3 of the Energy Amplifier Fruition event. Clear that event, and the Whirling Judgment portion of the Deceitful Domains will unlock automatically.

Each Deceitful Domain will have a Leyline Disorder that enhances the fight with buffs and debuffs. Here is the Leyline Disorder and the list of enemies for the Whirling Judgment Gather Domain.

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Before entering a domain, click the Energy Amplifier button on the bottom left to add Fruit Cores and Fruit Splinters. These ores will provide passive buffs to you throughout each domain. Each ore will use a certain amount of Motive Force, which can limit how many ores you have equipped at the same time.

Each domain also has a first-time clear bonus of 60 Primogems. This can be claimed with any difficulty, so if you aren’t interested in the higher rewards for clearing this challenge on Expert mode, note you will still get the Primogems.

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At the start of each fight, the HP of all your characters will be restored to the max and your Elemental Bursts will be fully recharged. Stand still in order to fully recharge your Elemental Burst and HP. For an unknown reason, walking toward the key may stop your Bursts from recharging.

Note, you need at least 4,000 points per domain to receive all of the possible rewards. Only participate in the highest difficulty for the challenge, as it’s unnecessary otherwise.

There are four possible difficulties that can increase the amounts of points you gain: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. You can also get more points by adding debuffs to your characters, which makes the fight even harder.

Here are all of the debuffs for today’s domain:

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This domain fight takes it up a notch and throws an entire boss fight at you. The Perpetual Mechanical Array is a World Boss in Genshin Impact that consists of multiple phases.

The first phase sees the boss throwing out numerous attacks at you. Simply deal as much damage to the boss and dodge its various attacks. After a certain amount of time, the boss will transition to its second phase.

Here, it will split up into many different cores that will attack you. Find the core with a yellow ring around it and target that one with your attacks. Once you defeat that core, the other cores will disappear, and the main boss will remain in a weakened state where it cannot attack. It will take extra damage in this state, so deal as much damage as you can to it as possible.

Recommended Characters

  • A shielder like Zhongli or Thoma will help soak up the damage that the PMA throws out. There are tons of field effects too in this domain, so dodging everything is nearly impossible.
  • Bring the strongest DPS character you have. You’ll need to deal out tons of damage to defeat this boss. National teams with Childe, Kazuha, Xiangling, Bennett, Raiden Shogun, and others will help deal the most damage as possible.
  • Single-target DPS is also very effective here, so consider bringing a strong DPS in that regard like Hu Tao.