Genshin Impact Graph Adversarial Technology Event Guide

Players go on a 6 day scavenger hunt for the Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Event

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The current event in Genshin Impact challenges players to a scavenger hunt that spans across the world of Teyvat. With a camera in hand, and a new clue every day to guide them, players must take a picture and report back.

The Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log is the newest event that came with the 4.2 update to Genshin Impact. This is a short event that requires daily participation. Players will find the event under “Phantom Blubberbeast” in the quest menu. They will meet Lepine-Pauline, where she will task players to take picture samples and bring them back to her. Every day is a new theme where players are given a vague description of what is needed.

Day 1: Opponents With Wing-Like Structure

Genshin Impact Event day 1
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Day one has players searching for any enemy with wings. This can be bosses, monsters, or other creatures that they can find. A good location to start is Brightcrown Canyon.

  • Anemo Slime & Large Anemo Slime
  • Aeonblight Drake
  • Cicin (all elements)
  • Jadeplume Terrorshroom
  • Oceanid
  • Mimic Finch
  • Mimic Raptor
  • Mimic Duck
  • Mimic Crane
  • Ruin Drake: Skywatch
  • Red Vulture & Consecrated Red Vulture
  • Stormterror
  • Thunder Manifestation
  • Winged Cryoshroom
  • Winged Dendroshroom

Day 2: Basically Ball-shaped Teyvat Producat

Genshin Impact event day 2
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This is any object, like food or materials, with a round shape. A great place to go would be Mondstadt which has a lot of these kinds of food everywhere.

  • Apple
  • Ajilenakh Nut
  • Berry
  • Bulle Fruit
  • Bird Egg
  • Flaming flower
  • Harra Fruit
  • Lumidouce Bell
  • Mistflower
  • Pinecone
  • Sango Pearl
  • Sunsettia
  • Wolfhook

Day 3: Basically Blue Wild Creature

Genshin Impact event day 3
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If its blue or has blue on it and its a creature then you want a picture of it. A great location to start at is the The Chasm or along the Falcon Coast. Make sure to bring characters with passives that make it easier to approach animals, like Sayu.

  • Adorned Unagi
  • Bluecrown Finch
  • Blue Frog
  • Blue-Fin Bass
  • Bluethunder Weasel
  • Dusk Bird
  • Emerald Finch
  • Flatcrest Fulmar
  • Floating Ray
  • Leisureley Otter
  • Lucklight Fly
  • Marrow/Blue Horned Lizard
  • Ocean Crab
  • Slate Umbrellafinch
  • Violetgold Angler Gull

Day 4: Staff-Wielding Opponent

Genshin Impact event day 4
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Players’ best bet is to find club-wielding Hilichurls and Samachurls which thankfully are easy to find. Guyun Stone Forest is a good place to look first. Other options are the following.

  • Abyss Mage (any element)
  • Fatui Skirmisher (Geochanter Bracer)
  • Frost Operative
  • Wind Operative
  • Hilichurl Fighter
  • Hilichurl Berserker
  • Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard
  • Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard

Day 5: Basically Purple Teyvat Specialty

Genshin Impact event day 5
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Players are to take pictures of any natural material that is purple. Wolfhooks are easy to find in the Mondstadt region in Wolvendom. Or is players are on the other side of the map, the Lumidouce Bell in Fontaine is another good option.

  • Amakumo Fruit
  • Amethyst Lump
  • Crystal Marrow
  • Electro Crystal
  • Horsetail
  • Lavender Melon
  • Lumidouce Bell
  • Naku Weed
  • Onikabuto
  • Sumeru Rose
  • Violetgrass
  • Viparyas
  • Wolfhook

Day 6: Legless Wild Non-Fish Creature

Genshin Impact Event Day 6
Image via Gamepur

For these, the best region to be in is Mondstadt near Dawn Winery and Liyue just outside Liyue Harbor in the Northwest.

  • Crystalfly (any element)
  • Flying Serpent
  • Unagi/Eel