Genshin Impact: How to Beat the Iron Viscount

To beat the Iron Viscount world boss in Genshin Impact, you need to be a little cheeky. Here’s how.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Iron Viscount is one of the new world bosses in Genshin Impact, and you’ll find him in a cave underneath a hot spring near the center of the Elynas region of Fontaine after solving the puzzle to cool the water. At first, there doesn’t seem to be any way to deal good damage to him, as your standard attack barely tickles, and charged attacks don’t do much more. However, there is a slightly cheeky way to beat this boss and earn the achievement for doing so.

How to Beat the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact

Screenshot by Gamepur

To beat the Iron Viscount, you need to do two things:

  • Dodge his spinning attacks, as they deal between 3000-4,500 damage
  • Use the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability to absorb incoming projectiles and reflect them at the boss

You’ll see the Armored Crabs floating about the arena with the Iron Viscount. Absorb their power and, when the boss flings a blue-glowing fish at you, hold down the ability button to absorb the fish, then release while aiming at the boss to deal more than 12,000 damage. In my fight, once I started reflecting attacks at the Viscount, it just kept throwing them at me, but you might find the boss resorts to additional spins as well.

At half health, the Iron Viscount will summon a shield, and rather than throwing fish at you, it will instead start shooting water balls. Your strategy, however, remains the same. Hold down the Armored Crab ability button to absorb the attack, then reflect it at the boss. After three or four attacks, you’ll break the boss’s shield and, in my case, instantly defeat the boss.

You’ll earn the Iron Viscount Achievement for defeating it, worth five Primogems, standard crab upgrade materials, and your personal satisfaction. You can also explore the cave where the boss was a little easier now, as regular crabs are the only other enemies there.